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  1. umidigi85

    Elimination chamber issue

    redfinger is not available in my country im from germany .....
  2. umidigi85

    New bot but not really

    same ....
  3. how much per month? Microsoft one drive or what cloud u mean?
  4. can we all switch to cloud? So my Pc must not be on when it running in the cloud?
  5. umidigi85

    Bot for Android phone?

    must be the phone every time on or work the bot on backround?
  6. umidigi85

    trb reward stuck

    bot stuck at reward pack in trb
  7. umidigi85


    No go youtube and search amazon app guide from zomgbbq or for germans edeljobber 30-50% cheaper
  8. umidigi85


    he bank points and after 3 win matches or 4 he switch to luck then when u loose he switch back to bank
  9. umidigi85


    it is, and the same problem
  10. umidigi85


    Bot press ever luck but my setting is only bank points
  11. umidigi85

    TRD didnt work

    chill admin will fix it asap
  12. umidigi85

    Bot stuck on train beast

    not always but im not sure
  13. umidigi85

    Bot stuck on train beast

    when card limit is full bot stuck on beast cards to train