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  1. CrossFace

    Need some help

    So my bot crashed. I deleted my key by mistake. Does anyone know where on the site to find all previous purchase keys. I know there is a way. Just can't seem to find it.
  2. Use Team Viewer. Is the better option.
  3. CrossFace

    LMS won't start

    Lol. A refund.
  4. CrossFace

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    We won't know until the update happens unfortunately
  5. CrossFace

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    I fully understand you on that. It's an odd addition. I kind of wish I'd get banned. Put me out of my misery
  6. CrossFace

    new update issue

    Does TRD work with 19.47?
  7. CrossFace

    "Unfortunately, WWE bot has stopped" *FIX*

    Still no errors or problems with Memu!
  8. Now that admin has fixed it so we can test it other emulators. I was always getting errors on Nox and Droid4X. Tonight I tried out Memu Player. Ran for 5 hours no errors. No issues. Actually seems to be running much smoother then usual. Figured I'd tell everyone here about it.
  9. CrossFace

    Is anyone else

    Yeah. The entire server is down. I shit my pants thinking I got banned.
  10. CrossFace

    War Not Starting

  11. CrossFace


    Has anyone tried to email him?
  12. CrossFace

    can we get ad watching back

    It had a greater risk of getting banned so he removed it
  13. CrossFace


    Yep, Yep.
  14. CrossFace

    SuperCard Bot V19.39

    Can confirm this is happening to me as well.
  15. CrossFace

    Admin, update ETA?

    He said later today in another thread. He has to redo EVERYTHING. They charged so much.