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  1. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    New Bot Update failed to Download ??

    So your only solution download the bot again and lose 4 hours off the time cause you have to put the code back in? Really????
  2. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Stuck on training cards screen

    It’s also getting stuck on training for me. This didn’t happen until the update today. It don’t pick the tiers to train away and gets stuck and force closes
  3. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The bot needs to be tweaked due to the update.

    Is there any updates yet?
  4. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Android tablets

    What about a rooted android tablet?
  5. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Android tablets

    Can the bot run on android tablets/phones if so what are the requirements? Like does it have to be rooted etc?
  6. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Rd and mitb

    Did you make the bot smarter? It seems that in mitb it chooses the white(5) cases now instead of the first ones and in ring domination it seem like it chooses who to fight better then ituse to. I was just wondering if it was adjusted to play smarter.
  7. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    War pvp

    Seems to be working now after I restarted it sorry about the mis information
  8. Tylerxxxxxxxxxxxx

    War pvp

    It appears the war click spots have changed so currently it isn’t playing war at all.