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  1. MyMonkey

    Resolution Broken

    It was showing a message at the bottom when I told the bot to start, it doesn't matter now, the download fixed it. Can delete / close this post.
  2. MyMonkey

    Resolution Broken

    So, I haven't changed anything and its been working all through the weekend for LMS / war, now since I've downloaded the new version apparently my emulator is not set to 720 * / 1280 *. I've checked everything possible, I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the bot. I lost pretty much all of last night due to this. Hopefully someone can help. **EDIT** I am using noxx btw
  3. I purchased this yesterday, I have used it since December and never had an issue. The developer has helped us out a lot with this, but personally, instead of getting an extention, I would much rather a refund and then re-purchase when I know that it is stable again. I read in the post that this could take up to 2 weeks, maybe longer. So a refund would be much better for me personally than waiting for something that might not come.
  4. MyMonkey


    Im on arena 80, but the bot seems to find it hard to use more than 1 block / reveal for some reason.