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  1. Reepersghost

    Bot closes on add

    Anyone else had a problem with the bot closing it self when a candy crush style add pops up happened 4 time already
  2. Reepersghost

    Buy/sell accounts

    What’s up botters anyone know of site to sell accounts looking to sell a few accounts both wm37 ready 1 with 5.5k credits 4.5 in game 1k in ladder an 1 I started in season 1. Any help would be welcome
  3. Reepersghost

    Bot shuts down

    No just the 1 device an still have a valid key. It’s happening more Often it seems to cut out after 3/4 hours
  4. Reepersghost

    Bot shuts down

    Any ideas why the bot shuts its self off around 2am it never used to do it. Run forever is enabled
  5. Reepersghost

    RD Problem with 3 or 4 Cards per pick

    I’m having the same problem the it pulling 3-4 cards