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  1. FormalUser

    WWE SuperCard on Nox?

    Setup for using a bot on Nox with wwe supercard. After Nox is installed repeat the following: Step One: General Settings and click on Root Step Two: Go to Advance Settings and take of OpenGl and use Direct X, also change resolution by clicking Custom then (1080) (1920) (320) i find works the best. Step Three: Save these settings Step Four: Download WWE Supercard Step Five: Download WWE Bot Step Six: Put your purchase key code in and click FORMAL USER Step Seven: Sit back and watch those cards roll in
  2. FormalUser

    VPN taking time off bot

    because the only thing i noticed is when my vpn is on auto and it goes to another location and changes my ip that this was happening
  3. FormalUser

    VPN taking time off bot

    so explain using the same emulator without uninstalling or reinstalling why it kept coming up that i lost 6 hours so i possibly might buy another key and preventing this from happening again
  4. FormalUser

    VPN taking time off bot

    Is there a way you can make it so vpn isn't taking time off of supercard bot? I understand it's one bot per emulator but when your using a vpn it's taking time off and it's really annoying for the price you pay for 30 days. Ive lost a whole day to this before figuring out what the cause was, I like to download my stuff in privacy with my vpn on. Is there a way you can possibly bypass this so we're on the same page?, cause I'm really getting tired of having to shut down my vpn when using my bot
  5. FormalUser

    TRD not working

    Not working here either, a quick fix would be awesome as only 24hrs in this event. Love your bot, but I agree that forums should be monitored atleast when these events start to know what's going on, no point in purchasing a bot if it don't work when needed
  6. FormalUser

    TRTG Not Working

    Thank you very much for the fix
  7. FormalUser

    TRTG Not Working

    same here