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  1. skiller62

    Looking for a team

    pm me on Discord. Cbr0wn1e#5292 we have 1 spot
  2. skiller62


    Still need help with this?
  3. skiller62

    Not responding

    I have noticed it happens more on picking cards
  4. skiller62

    Not responding

    Tried this, it still fails 😕
  5. skiller62

    Not responding

    I've had this problem yet again too, and same with 2 of my friends.
  6. skiller62

    bot keeps stopping

    I Just Emailed you
  7. skiller62

    bot keeps stopping

    Mine has gotten stuck 3x now (2 have been supercards not working) I've never had this problem before, then there was also it got stuck watching an ad and never exited it
  8. skiller62

    SuperCard Bot V19.79

    thank you!
  9. skiller62

    TRD didnt work

    Just to let you all know (i'm sure you already know) TRD rewards are glitched.... My primal team claimed and we got Kyle O' Reilly
  10. skiller62

    TRD Rewards

    Just FYI TRD rewards are glitched. My team is Primal, and we got Shattered Kyle 0' Reilly
  11. skiller62

    TRD didnt work

    having the same issue
  12. skiller62

    new update ver. 19.78

    i kept getting this too