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  1. jamesccorley@live.com

    Not responding

    Been having this problem on and off for a few days .
  2. jamesccorley@live.com

    Bot stuck on code

    Same here. Memu pc selects one number the clears it out then repeats again.
  3. jamesccorley@live.com

    Question for any one that is in a team...

    So has any one in a team ever read there team chat and see one of there team members accuse another team of being a bot team? I was going through my team chat and one of the team members said he thought the team we are up against was a bot team, not sure if it was about the team we are up against on TBG or on TRTG but I had a good laugh about it since I use a bot and most of the time if not all the time I'm getting most of the points for my team and no one has called me out for using a bot.