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  1. Aldious

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    Do you know about things going on around the world right now?? Do you know his situation ?? Do you know if his parents or wife or kids or brothers or sisters arent suffering or dying right now?? But if they are or not, fix my game cos we paid for it. Seriously - think, if at all possible, before you speak. He will fix it but we dont know his situation right now, so how about we try and be chilled and not sound so self absorbed eh?
  2. Aldious

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    Guys - c'mon chill....... It's clear that people have differing opinions and that's cool - but for clarity. Mr Carnage - people are fine with waiting as such, it's a case of, shall we say, cross wires - whereby the admin says he'll wait for the update and the app update has already happened, hence people are like "it's updated pls fix". Mr Joys and everyone else - yeah we have to wait. It sucks. Yes it's been updated but we just have to suck it up and hope admin MAY fix before the maintenance - with CD's track record, their maintenance could be anything between 30 mins and 2 days. Let's just keep it civil and accept we all have - clearly - differing opinions. Just be nice, ok?
  3. Aldious

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    @adminit's not just pulling cards - when training, it sits on the "You're about to use a Titan or higher" check too. The app is updated, so realistically you should fix these now as it's unlikely (based on RR) that much else will change during maintenance. If it does, well, two less things to fix anyway.
  4. Aldious

    New bot version available: error

    Didn't work for me is not really usable for me atm.
  5. Aldious

    New bot version available: error

    Someone posted in another thread to clear app data and cache and it fixes it. I'm just verifying now 🙂
  6. Aldious

    New bot version available: error

    I'm not getting the update required now - close the bot and re-run and it should be fine, just not doing anything cos, maintenance.
  7. Aldious

    New bot version available: error

    Probably - I sent an email also - plus I noted he was online etc. hence the comment 🙂
  8. Aldious

    New bot version available: error

    I believe @adminis now aware - hopefully should be working soon.
  9. Bot stopped working (not updated the app) and when re-started the error in title appears. Can't actually run it now.
  10. Aldious

    Version 20.15. ????

    I did before the fix to fix it. I'm saying the change to the bot to fix it didn't fix it.
  11. Aldious

    Version 20.15. ????

    The RD fix didn't work for me.
  12. Aldious

    Training Cards lost 4 RR Cards

    Short of looking at your catalog to identify revealed cards you don't have, kinda hard to say. Note that supports also add to the catalog number as well. If you have one pro, then you're now down to 5 unaccounted as a pro counts as 2 catalog numbers (1 for single, 1 for pro). 5 supports?
  13. Aldious

    Training Cards lost 4 RR Cards

    Stupid question - have you got 6 pro's? I can say it has never used a RR card for training.
  14. Aldious

    Elimination Chamber Problem

    I have the same issue with the updated game but the pre-update game seems ok.
  15. Aldious

    New bot but not really

    Aye, seems ok 🙂 Cheers