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  1. Alpha1

    Clash Of Champions

    Well the better way would be to select single stat match up on 1st round. And random on 2nd round. The question would be: Does selecting the single take too long to be worth it in the long run... cause the bot like in Giant needs to check all 3 possiblilities before selecting it.
  2. Alpha1

    LMS Blocks and Reveals

    That last one would be great. Farm until you have 10 of each and go back and play LMS
  3. Alpha1

    LMS Multiplier

    Would be great. Dont know why Admin does not add this button
  4. Alpha1

    Fusion Enhancments

    Can you fix that « fusion chamber event » button in bot which use our summer event enhancements ( 8 sunscreen lotion) and convert them to 1 Pool pink flamingo. thanks.
  5. Alpha1

    Lead Score

    Anyone knows the right txt for this Event RTG option? Wft does "Lead Score <1" mean ? "Lead Score <2" "Lead Score ❤️" "Lead Score <4" Anyone can translate better?
  6. Alpha1

    bot in coc

    If I use Peaks manually before the bot start a new level...does the bot knows the cards revealed are not the champion and find it faster ? @admin
  7. Alpha1

    SuperCard Bot V20.29

    Ya its misleading. should be “If lose by 1” - “If lose by 2” - etc. Thx admin. Looking good
  8. Alpha1

    Bot is not doing second event

  9. Alpha1


    mine works fine... on NOX Can you please add the 100 Credit points Multiplier option (the button next to the Reveal and block)
  10. Alpha1

    SuperCard Bot V20.02

    Can you put the LMS multiplier (100 cred) option in bot plz soo important between level 20 to 63
  11. Alpha1

    RD stuck on last card

    I change the setting to high graphic. Its fine now. Thx
  12. Alpha1

    RD stuck on last card

    The bot get stuck on the last card about every 5 games. When i say last card its the last of the 9 quares. from what i see its the bottom 3 cards the problem im curently on the 1st card of event and it don’t restart app when stuck. admin, can u check it out.
  13. Alpha1

    Season 6

    And im pretty sure when i’ll be full of cards. It will not train right. Lock your cards guys !
  14. Alpha1

    Season 6

    Wild mode works but u gotta manually pick the wild icon when it goes by. Cause they is 1 new mode box in the menu now soo it just goes round and round without selecting wild
  15. Alpha1


    That would be awesome. And can you add the "Multipler X2" for 100 credit has on option with the reveal and block. And if you wanna go deep. A option to hit 4 obtacles then use blocks and reveals.