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  1. datvigi

    Superstar tier out today!

    The issue with getting stuck with 2on2 picks happened again today. Please fix it
  2. datvigi

    Updated for star

    I don't know. That seems like a question for the guy that makes the bot and is charging me for it.
  3. datvigi

    Updated for star

    I saw it eat one of my star cards and I have it set to only train up to Epic
  4. datvigi

    Updated for star

    add a day to people's keys then if you are just going to ignore it for a whole day
  5. datvigi

    Updated for star

    yes. it is training star cards away. And seriously? We pay for this. it isn't free and now it doesn't work with the brand new tier that dropped 12 hours ago
  6. datvigi

    Updated for star

    Need to update for Star asap
  7. datvigi

    Elite Spinners

    This is still broken. Can you please fix
  8. datvigi

    Bug bot not working

    How do I fix this?
  9. datvigi

    Event not working

    Now it isn't working with RC as the top event. Because RC is not an option in the event mode or second event mode I imagine. Just tested with no mode other than RC turned on in the "basic game mode" slot and the bot is just permanently stalled. It selects the bottom event, king of the court, even though "second event" option is set to disable. I got it to go to the RC screen by enabling the first "event mode" option but since I can only enable it for gauntlet, kotc, or pp, the bot does not function and permanently stalls. This is two events in a row that the bot has not worked for. Please fix as soon as possible.
  10. datvigi

    Event not working

    The current event is not working because they have two previews up. Need fix asap
  11. datvigi

    Actually win KOTC games

    Yup. Thanks
  12. datvigi

    Actually win KOTC games

    The event is going to be over before you do anything...
  13. datvigi

    Actually win KOTC games

    Any update on this? Not sure what time zone you are in but the event has now been running for over 7 hours.
  14. datvigi

    2v2 broken

    Bot is getting stuck here. I think they changed the background picture.
  15. datvigi

    Actually win KOTC games

    So we have KOTC flash coming up tomorrow and it would be nice if the bot can actually be decent at KOTC. Sending an email as a reminder to Admin. Thanks for your hard work.