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  1. Issues observed so far: 1. PVP is not working, bot is not picking up the cards. 2. When I log into the game from my phone, bot is not able to select OK on the message which is displayed on the cloud phone (another device is in use).
  2. I am using it now and it is working smoothly. Easy to control the bot using the emulator app on my phone. The only issue is that in the Elimination chamber it is not picking the cards on time or the game is automatically picking them up after timeout.
  3. Is there any update on this? Would be really helpful.
  4. nishants85

    Bot Stuck on KOTR rewards pack opening.

    I a also facing the same issue. My KOTR finished midnight and bot didn't do anything till morning ,so 6-7 hours wasted.
  5. nishants85

    Is the bot too slow in selecting the cards in RD?

    Thanks, I have already enabled VT on my system (have been using the bot for a few months), It is just taking a lot of time to select the card in RD. For other event modes, it is working perfectly fine. Could you please check if possible, please.
  6. I have noticed that bot is taking a lot of time to select the cards during RD event. Anyone else facing this issue?