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  1. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Key expired issue.

    My paypal is showing the refund, but it isn't in my paypal balance, nor has it been returned to my debit card. My key is saying expired and I don't have enough money in my account to buy a new one until the refund clears. It would have been nice if the previous key I had purchased had been left valid for a day to allow paypal to process the refund and for the money to actually get put in my account.
  2. ApprehensiveEnigma

    RTG Not Working

    Spoke too soon, saw it start the match so I thought it would be fine but it doesn't select cards.
  3. ApprehensiveEnigma

    RTG Not Working

    Rtg works for me.
  4. ApprehensiveEnigma

    What version of nox

    I'm on I have a feeling that the people that have problems with nox are on newer versions so I would stick to one in the 6.2.x.x range since the people running them seem to not have problems.
  5. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Bot safety suggestion

    If it force closes when you get captcha that counts as entering it wrong and will also get your account locked.
  6. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Speed up game ...

    You have been lucky, if choose to take the chance it's your choice. Just don't complain when you eventually get caught and banned. I'm on my second Supercard account myself, my first one got banned when the bot was having some issues with the captcha during goliath tier. I'ts a risk we take choosing to use a bot or anything else against the TOS. I would still advise against using the speed up since it increases the chances of getting caught and banned, but everyone makes their own choice.
  7. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Something I been thinking about for a while

    Buy quieter case fans? Look at Noctua and beQuite brands. I believe I've also seen acoustic dampening sheets for case side panels before but I don't remember who made them.
  8. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Speed up game ...

    I would advise just ignoring that setting, it is there for people whose emulators run abnormally slow. Using it to speed the game up beyond normal speed is a good way to get your account banned.
  9. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Something I been thinking about for a while

    Also this post should have been in general not bugs and support.
  10. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Something I been thinking about for a while

    When you put your computer into sleep/hibernate what windows does is save your session to either ram or the hard drive and shut the computer down. there is no way for the bot to run since the computer isn't even turned on for the emulator to run on. I keep my PC running 24/7 anyway and only restart every couple weeks. If you wanted to eliminate wear on your own computer the only option would be to pay for a cloud based virtual server and set your emulator up on that. That doesn't seem very financially feasible to me though.
  11. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Computer requirements

    The graphics card doesn't really matter for the emulator. I wouldn't try running it with a computer that isn't at least a quad core with 8 gig of ram, but as long as you have that it will run fine.
  12. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Pricing Options/Switch Punishment

    They don't where I'm at but good point.
  13. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Pricing Options/Switch Punishment

    Perhaps the key could be linked to IP address? Or even better have it link to the first two emulator instances it is used on and allow unlimited switching between those two but have a steep penalty (full day loss?) if used on a third instance. This would allow some freedom for those using two different emulators for performance reasons, or in my case I once had to reinstall Nox because it got corrupted, but still prevent sharing. Not that I really think sharing is much of a concern anyway, most bot users have theirs running almost 24/7 which means a second person couldn't use the key anyway. I'm not sure that I would ever take advantage of bulk pricing, I can't really scrape that much out of my budget at one time, a better idea would be a loyalty program ( ie buy 6 licenses in a 6 month period get a coupon for 50% off one license) with the license being sold through the website now with a login on the website this would be easy to implement.
  14. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Price increase

    Yes it is, In addition to that if I wanted to use my credit card instead of bank account to pay the way it was before, PayPal charged me a $1.36 convenience fee that they don't with the new system.
  15. ApprehensiveEnigma

    Question about Settings/Wild Mode? Am I doing something wrong

    there is no way to adjust the order, it always does kotr, event, mitb, pvp, then wild if you have everything enabled. the ten minute pause is only for if you have wild disabled to allow some time for bouts to refill, when you have wild enabled it plays wild for 45 min then starts the cycle again, this is enough time usually for 4 bouts to fill on event.