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  1. TheUnholyD2

    Force Support usage

    @admin With the new Extreme questline, is there a way to add a function to Wild games where it forces the use of a Support card? I was running all night and didn’t get a single one used. Maybe a toggle for “Force Support” where it will always use the first Support card in a Wild game?
  2. TheUnholyD2

    LMS Set up

    Has anybody here reached the Event card in LMS using the bot? If so, what was your set up? How often did you have Bot bank? I know it’s one of the toughest modes to Bot in, but it may be doable.
  3. TheUnholyD2


    Using redfinger the bot goes back and forth between the card page and the matchup page. Does not select.
  4. TheUnholyD2

    TRTG Issue

    Is anybody else having an issue with the bot not recognizing the +10 opponent? I've had to manually start the matches every time because I'm the workhorse of our team and get the +75 Bouts each time. This is the first time I've used the bot for TRTG.
  5. TheUnholyD2

    Memu or Nox?

    Curious to hear your results if you switched to Memu. I'm contemplating doing the same thing. Nox has been a nightmare during my first time with the bot (been hyped up to much on my team I just HAD to give it a try), and it's leaving a bad taste in my mouth with the constant shut downs. Is Memu any better? And does the "switching device" penalty occur between Nox and Memu, or from PC to PC?