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  1. Bot is no longer picking cards from my draft board, I have only just noticed as I have 0 shards in TRD and watched it as it gets to draft board and does not select cards it gets stuck then restarts, I have lost a ton of picks due to this too
  2. burnsp2

    Captcha issues on 720p

    it is not just on 720p happening on 1080p also, captcha failed for me several times in a row already, @admincan you look at captcha issues please
  3. lmao such an ill informed idiot you are the bot is not the issue with the train all as you have been told from me and others and now that you have realised that you change you approach to blaming the ads for your inability to get event cards, what a fool you are, do us all a favour and stop using the bot saying as your intelligence to run it is as pathetic as your compensation requests. Have a wonderful day!
  4. seems that the guy who made this topic and the guy who first replied were to busy blaming the bot and wanting compensation when in fact there is absolutely nothing wrong with it , they should attack cat daddy instead for the training update lol
  5. I dont think this is correct, select all still picks all the cards from the tiers you have filtered but now it does not select any pairs, so all the cards it doesnt select are actually proable, I believe this is the change cat daddy did in the last update
  6. Hey @adminI just started getting this update error today can not use bot for past 12 hours because of it ,Tried reinstalling but it wont go away on all of my emulator instances and my rooted phone
  7. Hey admin the issue I have and others have with ring domination is the bot does not use the supports at all and this makes us lose a lot of the bouts can you please add using supports back into the script for RD, myself and others really need this to win, thanks
  8. burnsp2

    Bot keeps changing my deck

    @dhart21yeah as @ThePuMa said its a bug with the new update single autofill fills all the decks so just do your card changes after you autofillled the decks or avoid pressing autofill
  9. @admin cloud seems like a great idea for players that cant run bot on there PCs or cant run PCs constantly, I do not have these issues, my PC is a beast and I use chrome remote desktop to keep check on my bot and also use my rooted HTC m8 to run the bot when my PC is off so I will not be interested in using the cloud at this point 😀
  10. Anyone getting the not responding crash issue try this, first off download boost+ by htc from the play store and use the clear junk option then restart emulator this fixed this issue for me instantly. If that did not work then another fix was to use memu 7.1 emulator instead of the default 5 version, the 7.1 version ran without issues for me while testing for fixes to the crashing. If you use nox emulator the 7.1 emulator version does not seem to work so I suggest switching to memu, it is set up the exact same as nox but is much more responsive, 7.1 works and the emulator does not contain the segurazo malware like nox does 😃
  11. burnsp2

    Not responding

    I;ve been having this issue too for the past several days on nox and memu emulators and on all graphic configs possible, only happens on emulators though as my rooted phone works perfect. Have a feeling this may be a counter to using emulators as the crash screen needs to be manually closed to restart the bot so a temporary fix would be for bot to confirm the restart each time the crash screen appears.
  12. burnsp2

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    Thank you bro these tweaks are perfect, Merry Christmas
  13. burnsp2

    Bot Download Error

    @admin I cant pm you? get message saying I can only send 0 messages per day??
  14. burnsp2

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    @Razgriz hey bro Im running the latest version of nox and it is running perfect, nox v6.3.0.7005
  15. burnsp2

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    Thank you @adminthat was fast =)