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  1. ThePuMa

    NBA SuperCard Bot V21.06

    Do you have patience ? He is checking it since 2 weeks, so give him another 2 or 3 months or years. Its a complete new thing, which never seen before 😉
  2. How many cards did you lock ? I collected about 70 or 80 gold ingridents in the last 8 hours and have no problem. Because i have about 150 cards locked, so stuck only i´f i have over 250 gold ingridents and that needs over 24 hours.
  3. But PVP is more important. So please include this first. Thx. @admin
  4. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V21.36

    Same problem here. It gets worse and worse which each update. Please fix this @admin
  5. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V21.35

    Have you seen that the major problem at the moment is PVP, if there are no bouts ? @admin
  6. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V21.35

    Same on NOX. So at the moment the bot is complete useless. Can you fix this very fast please @admin
  7. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V21.35

    If the level is done the bot stuck on the screen where the card of Kane appears and does nothing. So at the moment not really useful for CB. So can you check this please @admin And can we disable that the bot quit if he lose ? If i lose i get about 200 points and if i win i get 300 points. So not much difference, but with the actual tactic it take very long for each level and cannot play the other modes.
  8. ThePuMa

    Bot Stuck On Maximum Number Of Cards

    You are here in the NBA Section !!!!
  9. ThePuMa

    problem after the upgrade

    @admin same problem here. Can you please fix this ? 400/400 is a big problem, if you dont use dust. Thx,
  10. ThePuMa

    Dusting Problem

    Why is this a problem ? The bot should dust the equipment until the tier you selected. Or do you need Swarm or Bio Equipment for example ?
  11. Agree 100 % to you. Thats absolut not a problem for 99,9999 % of the bot users. Some users are really creativ to find problems, where are no problems in the reality. So its seems the bot has 1000 problems, and the reality is 1 or 2 are realiy important.
  12. ThePuMa


    What do you mean with one million problems ? In the NBA Bot he changed nothing the last 7 weeks. And the only thing thats now necessary is PVP. And i asked only if he has a time schedule. Thats all.
  13. ThePuMa


    Do you have a time schedule until when it is possible ?
  14. ThePuMa


    Would be great. Thats now possible to collect SC with this PVP. And momentum slots too. Its the same like quick game from the gameplay. So i hope this is not a big problem for you. Thx in advance.
  15. ThePuMa

    BOT MIGHT be dusting WM37 cards

    Flash RD comes in about 70 hours again. And i looks realy thats only in RD. Have seen any WM37 Pulls on my game in other modes and never dusted one away.