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  1. ThePuMa

    KotR Energy Freezing Issue

    There is a Screenshot in the 2nd Post. Or whats the problem with this ?
  2. ThePuMa

    KotR Energy Freezing Issue

    Its also when TBG Energy is full.
  3. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.51

    Since the last Update of WWE Supercard (NOT the Bot) yesterday the bot always stucks when the energy is full. Can you fix this please ? Thx.
  4. ThePuMa

    Making winning in LMS easier

    Would also be perfect for RTG.
  5. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.49

    Thats not a bug, thats a feature. And a very good one. So the bot makes more points for you.
  6. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.48

    STORE -> Manage Purchases -> Manage -> and there you should see the key.
  7. ThePuMa

    Royal Rumble problem

    Stucks on the Proceed Button after the game.
  8. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.46

    RTG works. But at WAR he picks only the first card, after that sometimes the bot dont select a card and the time runs out. Not a big problem in War, but perhaps you can check this.
  9. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.44

    Thx. War works perfect now !
  10. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.43

    Any News after 24 Hours ?
  11. ThePuMa

    RD Broken

    Same problem here.
  12. ThePuMa

    major training issue

    Thx for your fast reaction in both case.
  13. ThePuMa

    BOT issue with PVP

    Same problem here with Elimination Chamber and the Proceed Button.
  14. ThePuMa

    Bot not using double picks in RD

    Thx for this update.
  15. ThePuMa

    Issue in PVP Elimination Chamber?

    Same here. Please fix.