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  1. ThePuMa


    You can see it also here :
  2. ThePuMa

    bot get stuck!

    Same here. Please can you fix this. Thx.
  3. ThePuMa

    Heads up admin

    The latest patch is for the new fusions ! It works now again with the Fusion "Under Pressure" !
  4. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.80

    Thx. Great work again.
  5. ThePuMa

    Stuck on holiday fusions

    Same here. A fix would be very helpful. Thx.
  6. ThePuMa

    Event Fusion Chamber

    Same here. Fix would be great. Thx.
  7. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V19.79

    Thx. @admin do you think that works for RD also or have we wait until Thursday to see this ?
  8. ThePuMa

    TRD didnt work

    Bot dont push the Play button. Can you please fix this. Thx.
  9. ThePuMa

    Bug in latest update

    Thx. Works for me too 🙂
  10. ThePuMa

    Bug in latest update

    Which logo do you mean ?
  11. ThePuMa

    Bug in latest update

    But the most of us get the NetErr and nothing happens.
  12. ThePuMa

    new update ver. 19.78

    Same here
  13. ThePuMa

    new update ver. 19.78

    It works not with 19.78 and not with 19.77. Not with Nox and not with Memu.
  14. ThePuMa

    new update ver. 19.78

    I think that at the moment it works for no one. Please roll back the last update @admin