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  1. ThePuMa

    RD Broken

    Same problem here.
  2. ThePuMa

    major training issue

    Thx for your fast reaction in both case.
  3. ThePuMa

    BOT issue with PVP

    Same problem here with Elimination Chamber and the Proceed Button.
  4. ThePuMa

    Bot not using double picks in RD

    Thx for this update.
  5. ThePuMa

    Issue in PVP Elimination Chamber?

    Same here. Please fix.
  6. ThePuMa

    RTG not selecting bout

    Thx. Works great again now. 25 Points in MITB also now standard. Perfect.
  7. ThePuMa

    Bot Stucks in MITB

    Still using bot11. But it seems it makes no difference for this problem.
  8. ThePuMa

    Bot Stucks in MITB

    Same Problem for RTG !