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  1. ThePuMa

    Buy Bouts

    Same problem here. Can you fix this please @admin ? Would be very helpful for COC.
  2. ThePuMa

    Update 20.40

    Summer fusions works now.
  3. ThePuMa

    Max Equipments => Bot stucks!

    To collect 100 Equipments you need weeks. I get 1 or 2 per day. I keep only the 30 best ones, and thats it.
  4. ThePuMa

    Max Equipments => Bot stucks!

    Delete some of them. Problem solved 😉 For what do you need 100 Equipment ?
  5. ThePuMa


    Because it was a big update with some other graphic changes to, like pack design. So it could also be a change in the buttons of the opponent pick. Its the first TRTG since this big update.
  6. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Same problem for me !
  7. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V20.28

    Thx for the update. Next GU is already in 3 weeks. So there this will help sure.
  8. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V20.26

    Works perfect without a fix !
  9. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V20.26

    Works very good in LMS. Would be perfect for RTG and TRTG too. Thx in advance. @admin do you think the bot will work for Womens GU on Thursday also the same way automatic ? Its the first time that Womens GU is active. I
  10. ThePuMa

    Giants not working now preview is up for RTG

    Same problem for me. Goes to RTG, then out of RTG and the Bot goes left to the Triple H Pack and there the Bot stucks.
  11. ThePuMa

    SuperCard Bot V20.23

    Thx. Tried it and it works.
  12. ThePuMa

    New filters screen when training cards

    How should that work ? The bot selected then the first unlocked card and then he stuck on the "Clear All" Button and thats it. The bot do nothing more then.
  13. ThePuMa

    Network error on nox?

    Thx ! Which Phone simulation do you have in the "phone model & Internet" settings ?
  14. ThePuMa

    Network error on nox?

    Which settings do you have on nox ? Version ? Phone ?
  15. ThePuMa

    Network error on nox?

    For this error, this tip ( Then clear Data and Cache, that will do it 100% ) is not usefull. Some users have also this problem on older mobile phones.