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  1. onekast

    Bot won't run

    once you stop running the bot, it won’t start after. net err on both Nox and Memu. @admin
  2. onekast

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    give @admin time. i’m sure he’s doing the best he can. be patient boys. stay safe everyone.
  3. onekast

    New Update Killed the Bot

    okay after this update, pvp has issues. bouts not being played and refilled or points lost. anyone having this problem?
  4. onekast

    New Update Killed the Bot

    yeah same issue.
  5. onekast

    SuperCard Bot V19.80

    for LMS, i suggest playing it manually and use bot to farm for reveals and blocks. that’s the best strat you can use.
  6. yeah so it’s not me alone. okay at least @admin knows now
  7. onekast

    TRD didnt work

    by the time this is fixed. event might be over. hopefully it won’t be the same case for next coming events. thank you.
  8. onekast

    SuperCard Bot V19.76

    thank you @admin for hearing us out and for the quick fix. i’m sure the guys will inform you of any issues if it still persist. god bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  9. onekast

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    mine is on Memu. bot gets stuck on page when it try’s to train the card.
  10. it’s the first day of the season. it takes time, please record pictures and video to show @admin what’s the issue and he can assist you promptly. everything else is working as mentioned above except for the training cards due to the new tiers? idk, but i’m sure it’s being handled now. oh and future problems like the gooker enchantments might be a problem too. just saying, hopefully bot won’t get stuck clearing those enchantment in the future.
  11. onekast

    New Bot and training

    just report any bugs to @admin easier for him to debug any issues if we point it out to him too.
  12. onekast

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    yeah, bot is stuck when training cards
  13. onekast

    Release of Season 6

    @admin hey admin, i suggest putting ss19 to train as one of the option for next update. i think that might help in the future. and thanks for update! 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  14. onekast

    Season 6

    yes i’m sort of worries too. @admin