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  1. V__E__G__E__T__A

    Twitter promotion

    No problem , if catdaddy want to loose many many members , he should can it every time. But the BOT users are good supporter and have a lot of money . Catdaddy will never ban these guys.
  2. V__E__G__E__T__A

    automatically playing ads

    Just weant to rebirth this topic. It would be great if do works it with playing ads. If this works the BOT still can cost a very bit more . Just my think. Thanks to @admin for all that great work.
  3. V__E__G__E__T__A

    Bot keeps pausing

    The BOT doesnt can ruin youre game. its only a help (the BOT playing very slow instead of an macro-recorderand ) if you want games that play it by themselves , go and play idle heroes
  4. V__E__G__E__T__A

    how many wild matches can this do in one full day?

    round about 1,000 wild games per day
  5. V__E__G__E__T__A

    automatically playing ads

    you can close every advertising by pushing the back butten, i think its not so hard you think^^
  6. V__E__G__E__T__A

    automatically playing ads

    No thinking about it ? @admin
  7. V__E__G__E__T__A

    Elimination chamber optimization

    really . i see the most non-npc enemys with full deck of one level . its all fine with elimination chamber , dont do anything
  8. V__E__G__E__T__A


    restart the game until the enemy are non paired too
  9. V__E__G__E__T__A


    Which wall? Enemys are everytime weaker than youre cards!
  10. V__E__G__E__T__A

    LMS settings

    I use them only outside of LMS , the bot use reveal and blocks too early , over the half of points are getting lost with the bot
  11. V__E__G__E__T__A


    Really ? Mine works well
  12. V__E__G__E__T__A

    automatically playing ads

    Warum sollte das schwerer sein als alles andere was schon funktioniert? Ist sogar wesentlich simpler als viele andere Dinge die der Bot bereits beherrscht.
  13. V__E__G__E__T__A

    automatically playing ads

    That would be great!