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  1. Please update bot it isnt banking points when set to bank points it pushes and sometimes banks points please fix asap as very important thanks
  2. nzjezza


    Same here please fix so if we set to bank points it actually does so thanks
  3. same here and pvp and wild not use support hopefully admin can fix 🙂
  4. nzjezza

    SuperCard Bot V19.76

    ok not trying to spam man but yeah just showing issues as they arise was told before purchase all worked well.. i was on captcha it keeps inputting wrong captcha clicking okay and from mynba2k we all know that leads to BANS so hope that gets fixed and training still gets stuck is it because i am on the suggested memu emulator as someone above ran overnight with no hassle on nox is nox the one working best at the moment training captcha etc i just have a lot going on hence why i checked prior to purchase the bugs weren't persistent in the new season as is usually the case sorry if you feel i am spamming but just feel a little mislead as i did check and ask the right questions in my email cheers and hope all can be updated and clarified
  5. nzjezza

    SuperCard Bot V19.76

    still persits with traing cards away it will go to train cards and just auto click and not train not move on to next tier locks cards.. also it goes in to train cards when doing enhancements so gets stuck every few hours really hope for a reply for a fix and a way to opt out of training away beast and titan cards implimented cheers or atleast it just not do the locked ones and not lock cards .. and ifg it gets stuck on auto fill traing not working move on toi next selected tier strength you opt to train away etc etc rather than stuck on beast it is an odd bug that i am sure you can fix admin cheers
  6. nzjezza

    New Bot and training

    hello when will traning bot be updated it can't run as advertised ?
  7. nzjezza

    New Bot and training

    any e.t.a on traing card fix please ? cheers
  8. nzjezza

    New Bot and training

    it defs seems to have something to do with your cards bing locked as soon as i scoll over to monster clicked select all the top cards werent locked as only a portion seem to show on initial screen but yeah none in any deck so all trained fine and none locked hmmm i don't know the code lol
  9. nzjezza

    New Bot and training

    hi bot is running smoothly now asaprt from for me it will not train cards at all not juat enhacemencts it also seems to be locking cards so when it goes to train beast cards even thoufg there are beast cards to train it selects all and won't train as some beast cards are in my rd deck as i am using them as they are like the new common card akak the new common method to get past cards you cant beat... it seem you can't tran select all cards if one is locked clearly an anti bot move surely there must be some way around this to i am not sure to perhaps make sure selected card strength isnt locked perhaps as i see it does for some reason go in and lock them .. same with enhancements .. it is almost like you need to manual select training in this new season is trash and not bot 36 fault but clearly aimed at anti bot measures ... and thanks to the person who helped me with the scrolling error if you have that error change setting from not high or low but to medium atleast on memu and admin really hope you can fix training errors and a way to opt out of traininjg beast and perhaps titan cards as they are like the new common / uncommon method you can use in season 6 only way i can think if is bot goes in and manually selects and can detect if the card is locked or not and fixes locking in cards etc i am sure if anyone can sort out the traing coding issue it is you but at this point all i can do is run the bot fora few hours and then once cards are full constantly freezes on select all on beast and doesnt move on to any other card tiers and sooooo many become locked in by the bot scrolling past card i have to go and manually unlock them all then train pretty tedious really hoping you can come up with a fix and i get this traing methofd seems to be aimed at anti bot but sure you can defeat it
  10. nzjezza

    RTG Problem

    hey i got a useful tip and kind of works but event isnt working and traing doesnt really work was told it did But to get it to play atleast in memu change image quality settings to medium not low or high thanks to the person who figured that part out for us
  11. nzjezza

    Bot keeps swiping

    thanks mate will give that a go appreciate it Peace
  12. nzjezza

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    change your pic btw disgrace to what it represents
  13. nzjezza

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    actually yes but don't hang out at a place i purchase products to kiss as either or sociale this aint ig or face book it is to report bugs and just stating facts f boi
  14. what version of memu are you running Aldious ? can you copy a pic of your settings etc ive tried switch from open gl to diretx lowering frame rate to 30 as i always do makes it generally run alot smoother any other settings you change ? ive never had to before i just think it needs an update and a lil more time and effort put into his coding which i know he is capable of
  15. perhaps you should check out all the other list of forums there are many many people with the exact issue as i have and was told this was working flawlessly prior to purchase have been buying for the past around 6 7 years infarct gave him the idea for this bot so a tad pissed off on memu latest version others with exact same issue are on memu different version same issue others on nox i have an 8 core processor etc decent rig so that for sure is not the issue hyper v all on etc etc not my first rodeo so it should be working i build p.c<s for a living so nah not calming down just want my money back really as this stuff happens all the time with this guy and not changing emulators to be deducted 67 hours this just needs to be coded properly ... and to those saying it is day one yeah that is why i'm annoyed as i said email me once everything is up and running please and bug free and stable and got a reply stating it was up and running and was no bugs and stable and then this there is a thread of people experiencing the same hence why i am annoyance if there were bugs i would of waited for the kinks to be ironed out