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  1. Senseye82

    Bot get Stuck After TRD Match

    But now I'll soon be fed up with here. A problem with the bot every few days. Lower the price or offer a decent product !!! @admin
  2. Senseye82

    SuperCard Bot V21.43

  3. Senseye82


  4. Senseye82


    @admin Quote -> start with a pair and 2 singles for round one round 2 just go with something that would work for your results round 3 try its top suggestion round 4 you should have an answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's an absolutely good suggestion. Please program the bot similar to this template. At CoC, the admin has made an effort to ensure that this event can be played very well with the bot. So invest some time here too and optimize the product. Don't just present a solution quickly, just to make it work. Something like that worked at War Games, where you only have to put 3 stupid cards in a ring.
  5. Senseye82


    Why does the bot test the same arrow 3x in Codebreaker ???? This is absolutely nonsense! Round 1 = 4x blue right; Round 2 = 4x blue left, .... etc. It's much faster and more effective than the way he is currently playing. Since I use 4 !!! Fight to find out exactly one code. So I find the bot useless for this event.
  6. Senseye82

    Codebreaker force quit optional

    What do you think? What bot or program do the players who are currently Global Top10 in Code Breaker work with? They are always the same names that you find in PVP and also here at the top
  7. Senseye82


    That's exactly what I was talking about. Long-term members with several hundred posts draw attention to mistakes and are not really taken into account. These members have invested so much money here and are loyal members. But a new member demands a change in the fourth post, which in my opinion is unnecessary and the admin takes care of this. CodeBreaker is still not working properly and the event will soon end. The admin should invest his available time here. And pay more attention to what regular customers write here as suggestions.
  8. Senseye82


    I would suggest we wait for the other members to comment tomorrow. Especially by those who have been familiar with the bot for a long time. I think a solution similar to CoC and Giants would be good. The bot has to remember the position and stop before the game is lost. And continue after the restart. So he should know the code after about two rounds. A simple variant is to only test one direction per round and proceed according to a kind of elimination process. But I think there are better / other suggestions here. Therefore do not rush to program anything, but see what the majority of the active players say. Better to wait a bit and then find a sensible solution.
  9. This is a super great idea !! I currently have to stay alert until the start of an event to start the bot. This new feature would be great. Also for PVP when I'm already at work and the new cycle begins.
  10. Senseye82

    Bot hangs during TeamRTG

    @admin the bot gets stuck at this point after every TeamRTG game. Please fix it or make an update in general, as errors occur here and there with the bot. Keyword Dust Emulator: Knox Resolution: Width 720 Height 1280 DPI 320
  11. Senseye82

    Please fix bot

    @admin the bot always gets stuck when there are 0 picks on the draft board.
  12. Senseye82


    @admin The bot really needs to be optimized for WarGames. It's horrible how slowly you progress in the event. My friends who play with SuperMove and some tactics are already close to the heroic update. I let the bot run without interruption and am only on the way to the normal event Card. I have already invested almost 1000 credits.
  13. Senseye82

    SuperCard Bot V21.30

    and please program the alignment of the arrows for RTG. I lose unnecessarily because the BOT does not take suitable tag teams.
  14. Senseye82

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    Also from me a big thank you for the quick fix. For such a quick service, I am happy to pay for the bot.
  15. Senseye82


    If you played a few games manually you would know that CD created the bot opponents' strength too high