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  1. Senseye82

    Clash Of Champions

    Game Guardian has not worked for me since the latest Supercard Update. Does anyone else have this problem? Of course, this makes the current event a lot more difficult.
  2. Senseye82

    Credits 3rd party

    What is this nonsense about? Nobody should post his name publicly. And then you do it here, where CatDaddy spies can read too? Do you want the source to be shut down? Please delete immediately and find other ways to name someone !!
  3. Senseye82

    PVP and KOTR Bot Requests

    You seem to be a new user. So make yourself familiar with the bot before making any unnecessary suggestions.
  4. Senseye82


    Thanks for the quick response. That's how we praise ourselves.
  5. Senseye82


    And I can’t understand something like that. RTG runs stable for weeks with BOT36. Then there are updates that affect CoC and suddenly RTG / TeamRTG doesn't work anymore ??
  6. Senseye82

    SuperCard Bot V20.33

    For me (on Nox) the bot is now running perfectly. That the game gets stuck has nothing to do with BOT36. He also chooses the second manager for me. Everything is wonderful. Thanks a lot @admin
  7. Senseye82

    SuperCard Bot V20.33

    @Administrator Thank you for the time and work that you have invested.
  8. Senseye82

    COC issue

    And no, I will not leave the forum. Just as I criticize, I have often praised the admin. I also always try to help with screenshots, videos and suggestions for errors. And as a paying customer, you can still express your free opinion.
  9. Senseye82

    COC issue

    I think we're all here for the same reason. we want to get an advantage in Supercard. And I'm basically satisfied with the bot and have been using it since Season3. So I've already invested a large amount in the bot. But you can tell that CatDaddy has found a way to make it more difficult for the admin and us. Weekly updates with small changes will stall the bot. And I think that the response should be quicker. A lot of people use the bot, so the admin gets a lot of money from us every month. So he could also expand his team and refinance our money to improve the bot.
  10. Senseye82

    COC issue

    Since I am not from Germany, I did not take it personally. But his style shows his level
  11. Senseye82

    COC issue

    If 35 dollars is nothing for you, you can invite me for a month
  12. Senseye82

    COC issue

    If you buy a Netflix subscription and it doesn't work for days, are you sitting at home and you don't care? Do you like to pay expensive money for things that don't work as they were sold to you? Then you have to be a rich man or a very stupid man
  13. Senseye82

    COC issue

    Yes, and if CatDaddy is not stupid, he changes a little thing before every event on Wednesday. A little update where he rearranges a window or something else. Because if he knows how long it takes Bot36 to respond to his updates, then he has found a way to render the bot useless. Then I will definitely not buy the bot anymore.
  14. Senseye82

    COC issue

    hurry up, otherwise the event will be over before you can get it up and running
  15. Senseye82

    still need one screenshot for coc

    I send you a Mail with Level 71