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  1. darwin0812

    Bought a key but never received a mail

    Same problem just bought a key and haven't received it yet
  2. darwin0812

    Bot won't run

    Another issue we will lose time from had a few days wasted this past month
  3. darwin0812

    Credits 3rd party

    I've been getting cheap creds for more than a year and no ban just only get 15k at a time
  4. darwin0812

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    @admin you gonna fix it?
  5. darwin0812

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    Can you update bot to train ss19s and nightmares?
  6. darwin0812

    Shorter Key Passes

    Hi admin you thought of offering 3 day keys etc for purchase ? would be good for people who dont wanna buy the full key. It would be so good to buy the bot to get solo events done.
  7. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    Yeah not working i sent an email of the photo and on discord
  8. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    Worked once with the code stuffing up again even at 30fps i don't know why
  9. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    Works now mate put to 30fps
  10. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    I'll try now
  11. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    I sent a screenshot to your email
  12. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    I have bot display setting set on highest just woke up and was stuck on authentication screen again.
  13. darwin0812


    does it reboot the bot or just constantly keep trying to fortify?
  14. darwin0812

    SuperCard Bot V19.76

    Thanks admin for quick update admin gonna buy a key soon 👌
  15. darwin0812

    New Bot and training

    Damn didn't work for me kept putting wrong code in