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  1. swenz

    New SuperCard Update

    same here, doesn't work for me, tried nox and memu. what a mess.
  2. swenz

    KotR Energy Freezing Issue

    Let me help you out with this.
  3. swenz

    Not always selecting cards in War

    But there was at least one update inbetween the last war and this one, so there might have been some changes in the client.
  4. swenz

    LMS issue

    For some reason my bot keeps pressing luck even though it's set to only bank points. Anybody else ecperiencing this?
  5. swenz

    SuperCard Bot V19.39

    so far so good, didn't have any issues yet
  6. Take your time, nobody will die if it takes you longer. Thanks for the heads-up, tho, much appreciated.
  7. swenz

    Noob question

    that's too bad, for me personally it's the smoothest running of the android emulators out there. :s
  8. swenz

    Noob question

    Maybe try MEmu instead, haven't had a single crash while botting since I switched.
  9. swenz

    Two event issues

    It didn't go all the way back to TRTG when I posted this, however after restarting the emulator completely it works again. Don't know what happened there. Anyway sorry for any confusions.
  10. swenz

    Two event issues

    I'm having the same issue, the bot starts playing on the first (left side) event and after that swipes to the left into the shop thingy. If I swipe to the right event before starting the bot it works once but when it starts the next rotation it just starts at the left side event again. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, since I'm pretty sure it worked before.
  11. swenz

    the bot will not any enhancement cards

    it happens if you don't have any enhancements within your selected range except the event materials, since the bot can't auto select these and there's nothing else to train away. for example I train away everything below SS18, yesterday my enhancements were maxed, problem was i had like 10+ enhancements from ss18 to shattered and aside from that only seeds and stalks. so basically the bot is clicking select all, which isn't gonna get you anywhere since the event mats dont get selected with that option and the bot gets stuck. only thing you can do rn is train away some seeds manually or fuse them into stalks (which can be a problem if you have a fusion running xD)
  12. swenz

    LMS settings

    It's hard to make the bot work well with LMS because depending on what stage you're at there's different strategies to pass the arena. For some arenas it's better to hit some obstacles before you reveal and block, and in others it's better to reveal and block from the get go. Then there's the 91-99 arenas where, from what I can tell, it's pretty much impossible for the bot to NOT waste all of the blocks and reveals without any progression.
  13. swenz

    Code to check your not a bot

    bot got past it without any issues in the past. unless CD somehow changed it recently it should be the same.
  14. swenz

    RD Optimization

    I was just about to make a thread to say thank you for this massive upgrade, works like a charm. Also great to see that the bot now selects the +5 point briefcases in mitb. Love that. Keep up the great work 🙂