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  1. Jay

    update failed

  2. Jay

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    'You guys need to calm down and lay off a bit. He is one guy and he does a great job. He will get it fixed, he always does. If you don't like the price don't buy it, but to sit here and bitch session is ridiculous. Save the board for legit issues, like the getting caught up on certain cards now, which I'm sure he will address.
  3. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.51

    I have the energy stuck issue too.
  4. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.48

    We going to lose 6 hrs everytime we do an update?
  5. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.48

    Once I have the new version what do I do with it?
  6. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.48

    Then what
  7. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    Update failed to load please try again.....
  8. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    New update and it fails during download.
  9. Jay

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    I must say I am kinda annoyed that pvp isn’t updated in over a day after it started and let’s see how long we will have to wait for rd. I remember when the events were updated in hours not days. Not great....
  10. Jay

    Elimination chamber and bot36

    And it picks the smaller one a lot too, needs to pick the bigger one first time on the first match all the time, would make it. Ugh more effective with that strategy
  11. Jay

    Admin, update ETA?

    I’m using memu for the bot.
  12. Jay

    Admin, update ETA?

    Same problem here, can’t get it to do the capcha, just keeps endtering a number then deleting a number over and over again
  13. Yeah they are throwing some serious hate our way with those things.
  14. Jay

    Capcha codes now on wilds

    I haven’t seen my bot pass capcha a single time,, would actively watch rtg and do themself when they popped up. Wasn’t taking any chances.