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  1. Jay

    War pvp

    Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not, kinda strange.
  2. Jay

    "Unfortunately, WWE bot has stopped"

    Memu works way better for me
  3. Jay

    MITB Contract Exploit?

    There are services to add mitb. I bet they are using this bot. Takes 24 hours and uses 20k credits. You can have the bot do mitb with buying matches and it will add a ton in a day. I plan on doing this Tuesday into Wednesday.
  4. Most people play a small team with a big manager. The idea is to have one large manager who powers up all your cards and one small one to keep the opponent deck tier low. The bot does 2 things that aren’t great. It chooses the manager at random apparently and usually waits for the second bout of the match to pick it. Can you have it pick the bigger one or make it always pick the left manager and make it pick it on the first bout. This optimization would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Jay

    RTG Waiting on Network.

    yeah memu worked for me
  6. Jay

    I love this BOT.

    I know some of you are complaining about pricing, this bot has lowered my time played by 80 percent or so the last week. Also, I have 8 Sh board pulls during that time. I will recommend this to everyone I know in rl as well. People complain about the bot not being ready when certain events drop, and they have it updated in hours, this is great customer service. Being a shattered ++ for a while has taken my interest in playing until the new tier hits, but this is just absolutely fantastic. I now also have 3 ladder picks ready for next tier. Does everything but my tbg for me. Thanks again, Jay
  7. Jay

    Bot crashing after pvp or trtg

    Thanks Memu seems to work like a charm, no more drops. Sucks I had to use up 6 hrs but worth it to make it work much better.
  8. Jay

    Bot crashing after pvp or trtg

    I have had no trouble in other modes and have cpu vt and multi core active.
  9. After almost every trtg or pvp elimination chamber I get a waiting for network message and then get kicked. All other modes work fine. I am using nox. What do you suggest. Btw love the bot recommending it to all the people i know who play as I am getting a sh almost every day.