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  1. TheTeflonDon

    WWE SuperCard bot iOS

    Basically, like using Nox for mac, but based in a web browser so can be run on any machine? I will get a trail and see how it goes
  2. TheTeflonDon

    WWE SuperCard bot iOS

    What is a cloud phone? This could be the answer to me being able to use the bot again 🙂
  3. Hey Admin. Any news on this? Is it something you think is feasible. Miss using the bot. Damn old macs that still work but wont
  4. Does this mean we won't need to download the bot, but it just runs in the cloud? My mac is too old to run Bot at the moment.
  5. TheTeflonDon

    Does the boy work on Android phones or Fire HD?

    is anyone running the bot off of a phone/tablet? Is it something worth looking into? Missing the bot, having to play Supercard all the time to keep up after having a bot is such a pain!
  6. I was just wondering as the bot runs on an emulator for a phone, would it work on an actual android phone or Amazon HD tablet?
  7. TheTeflonDon

    minimum spec for Nox on mac?

    Thanks Admin. It does run, but slowly. And usually stops within an hour. I think my mac is the problem as it's old and doesn't even run the minimum spec recommended by Nox. Will try and update it, but i can hear the CPU already making popping noises while the Bot runs. Loos like my time as a botter is coming to an end, at least until I replace it. Thanks for the help. And keep up the good work!
  8. TheTeflonDon

    minimum spec for Nox on mac?

    I've been running with 2 cup and 2040mb ram but Nox seems to use a lot more Ram now and takes too long. Can the timer be turn off? it just about logs in, gets the game menu up, the close down before it can do anything.
  9. TheTeflonDon

    minimum spec for Nox on mac?

    I was happily running Nox on mac till the update. I had to delete it to get past a duel profile issue with the new build, and since then, I've had major issues. Just about got Nox running, but when I use the bot, it's soo slow it is practically useless. Takes ages to load, hangs a lot, closes the app even when it's moved on to actually starting to play the game etc. Anyone have any advice? I've cleaned the mac , got rid of files etc, using same Nox setup as before, just runs so much slower. If I can't get it running before my key runs out, guess I'm not botting anymore 😞
  10. TheTeflonDon


    on mac is
  11. TheTeflonDon


    i had to re-download it as i had an issue with having 2 profiles. Worked fine before, now unuseable as it's sooo slow. keeping trying to make it work, but no luck. it loads, the game and bot load very slowly and it barely plays. Setting exactlythe same as before, and it was quite quick then.
  12. TheTeflonDon

    SuperCard Bot V19.43

    Thats a relief. I had to delete Nox and start again from scratch to get past the duel profile issue I had. Does run a bit slow though. Using a mac, currently have CPU as 2 and RAM as 2040, dpi as 400
  13. TheTeflonDon

    SuperCard Bot V19.42

    how do you remove the unwanted profile?
  14. TheTeflonDon

    SuperCard Bot V19.42

    I am having an issue with the bot logging in to my game account. Basically, it doesn't! Might be because there is an old, redundant account on there as well as my actual account, but old bot managed to login fine. Any suggestions?
  15. TheTeflonDon

    Change so bot will not so easy identified

    my game often quits due to me using an old mac so having to login in again would throw them off the scent