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  1. TheTeflonDon

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Considering event isn't even a day old, Admin has done well to get it in any shape to be functional. I look forward to seeing the finished version, as the event itself seems more random than most. Plus, we will have a new tier soon, so the card won't be that good for long 😉
  2. TheTeflonDon


    I went to bed at level 45. woke up at level 68! New improved LMS fix seems to be working very well
  3. TheTeflonDon

    Elimination chamber issue

    I cant play EC still on RedFinger. Is this close to being fixed?
  4. I set mine for US. Thought it was the closest, both time wise and language.
  5. TheTeflonDon

    Elimination chamber issue

    Me too. Must be some issue. Thought it was just me...
  6. Admin, you've done an amazing job. I've never seen the bot play this game so well! It's very fast, very smooth. Was all very easy to setup. Early days, will have to see what happens once the usual things happen (security code input, training issues when fusion event enhancements are full etc). But it now being browser based means I can keep it running on a tab, either at home or in the office. After months of not being able to use the bot due to having a very old mac and Nox not running on it, I can say I'm back.
  7. Well folks, I have to say, the cloud emulator does work very well so far. I do recommend you download and install Facebook first, to avoid issues with logging in when you download the game. I play WWE Champions as well, and that plays quite well. WWE Supercard installed quickly and loaded up easily. played a few games, no problem. Watched an ad, screen went blank but clicked back and was fine. Now just need to get a key and see how the bot works...
  8. well i guess it might help if i looked in the google play store...not the app store...doh! I m happy to be the crash test dummy for the forum. If I can get it done, anyone can lol
  9. Ok Admin, I've taken a leap of faith and bought the emulator. First problem - it doesn't seem to want to download facebook. 2nd Problem - i search for WWE in store and it finds nothing! Am I doing something wrong?
  10. TheTeflonDon

    WWE SuperCard bot iOS

    Basically, like using Nox for mac, but based in a web browser so can be run on any machine? I will get a trail and see how it goes
  11. TheTeflonDon

    WWE SuperCard bot iOS

    What is a cloud phone? This could be the answer to me being able to use the bot again 🙂
  12. Hey Admin. Any news on this? Is it something you think is feasible. Miss using the bot. Damn old macs that still work but wont
  13. Does this mean we won't need to download the bot, but it just runs in the cloud? My mac is too old to run Bot at the moment.
  14. TheTeflonDon

    Does the boy work on Android phones or Fire HD?

    is anyone running the bot off of a phone/tablet? Is it something worth looking into? Missing the bot, having to play Supercard all the time to keep up after having a bot is such a pain!
  15. I was just wondering as the bot runs on an emulator for a phone, would it work on an actual android phone or Amazon HD tablet?