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  1. badking7

    New and CONFUSED!!!

    I dont believe the bot is optimized to run on a phone, you'll need a computer more than likely.
  2. badking7

    Yahoo ads

    @admin correct but doesnt proceed or reset on yahoo ads.
  3. badking7

    LMS Stuck

    Bot appears to be getting stuck on the proceed screen. Bot just stays there.
  4. badking7

    Captcha Failing

    Using Memu emulator
  5. badking7

    Captcha Failing

    Hey @admin I've been having issues lately with the bot failing to enter the correct captcha lately, It'll get close to entering the correct one but the last digit is always off in the bot goes into sleep mode afterward. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. badking7

    Bot Use of Support Cards

    Admin can we please get the bot to use support cards, please.
  7. badking7

    Bot Use of Support Cards

    Admin, can you please update the bot to use support cards for RD please?