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  1. Comavoid616

    Max points

    Would be useful for sure
  2. Comavoid616

    Bot not restarting

    From game close, to in game, and trying again...ummm 45 secondsish max. I don't have anything more than the <6 option clicked to make it work.
  3. Comavoid616

    Bot not restarting

    Working fine on mine (Nox) just watched the process, start to finish!
  4. Comavoid616

    TRD won’t open

    I've got same issue
  5. Comavoid616


    Can confirm!!
  6. Comavoid616

    SuperCard Bot V20.31

    I've been stuck on level 41 all day so I watched a few matches. This is the reason. Bot is choosing cards all in one area one after another for me. Just played the round manually... the champ was on the top far right side. Bot was at the bottom. Any chance if selection being more random? Or intelligent ? Many thanks
  7. Comavoid616

    Clash of Champions

    So cards are still 3 stats strong in round 2
  8. Comavoid616


    Can confirm. Ads are screwed again. Same issue as before.
  9. Comavoid616

    Giants not working now preview is up for RTG

    Same! This is going to stop alot of people getting the heroic hammer / upgrade etc I bet.
  10. Comavoid616

    bot stuck on ads still

    @admin Can we get a fix on this please. Will increase the chance of doing well in events.
  11. Comavoid616

    bot stuck on ads still

    Is there a way to keep bot icon out of the way? I can't manually keep moving it every game. Every time I move it, it resets position next time around.
  12. Comavoid616

    nox player

    None I've ever seen.
  13. Comavoid616

    bot stuck on ads still

    Are ads fixed on NOX yet guys ?
  14. Comavoid616

    Network error on nox?

    Didn't work.
  15. Comavoid616

    Network error on nox?

    I've been trying to solve this same issue for hours!