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  1. Comavoid616


    It doesn't seem too currently!
  2. Comavoid616


    Bot doesn't press play
  3. Comavoid616

    Bug with Save picks for event.

    I got that too.
  4. Comavoid616

    new layout

  5. Comavoid616

    Bot not starting

    @admin please advise. Game suddenly wont start and shows this.
  6. Comavoid616

    Board pattern!

    If anyone's interested or doesn't allready know.
  7. Comavoid616


    Can confirm. Its fixed!
  8. Comavoid616


    Was working perfectly. Changed nothing now ROR
  9. Comavoid616

    SuperCard Bot V20.42

    Nox and the settings that Admin posted.
  10. Comavoid616

    SuperCard Bot V20.42

    Mines up and running. Thanks @admin
  11. Comavoid616

    Max points

    Would be useful for sure
  12. Comavoid616

    Bot not restarting

    From game close, to in game, and trying again...ummm 45 secondsish max. I don't have anything more than the <6 option clicked to make it work.
  13. Comavoid616

    Bot not restarting

    Working fine on mine (Nox) just watched the process, start to finish!
  14. Comavoid616

    TRD won’t open

    I've got same issue
  15. Comavoid616


    Can confirm!!