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  1. spenoultrasonics

    memu not working

    I have had to switch emulators 4 times this month, tired of losing 6 hours subscription every time I switch because of emulators
  2. spenoultrasonics

    memu not working

    Memu is stuffed Is NOX working now?
  3. spenoultrasonics

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    Ah ok, thanks, busy day at work, so missed all that, thank god for the bot, thanks @admin for all your work 🙂
  4. spenoultrasonics

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    I have only seen the giant once since it opens, how often does it appear?
  5. spenoultrasonics

    bot and emulator problems

    On memu I had to uninstall wwe, reinstall, load normall, sign in, then close then bot works
  6. spenoultrasonics

    Bot Stuck - latest update

    on memu
  7. spenoultrasonics

    SuperCard Bot V19.56

    Stuck on this on memu
  8. spenoultrasonics

    Bot stuck on captcha with same numbers

    Yep the bot is stuck on captcha, it even got caught yesterday on a normal number, dont play wild and trigger captcha
  9. spenoultrasonics

    Bot has stopped

    Trying it on Memu now Lost another 6 hours subscription (total loss of 18 hours subscription) for emulator issues
  10. spenoultrasonics

    Bot has stopped

    Its weird, never had a problem before, on this emulator (Nox) I have to reinstall the bot every use, if i close the bot, I have to reinstall it. I will put up with it as I have already lost 12 hours of subscription because of this Nox emulator issue/bot issue
  11. spenoultrasonics

    Bot has stopped

    Anyone else having the bot dropping out all the time and getting Bot stopped working message. Reinstall fixes it sometimes on Nox
  12. spenoultrasonics

    New tier update cataclysm 12/06

    Hopefully it wont cause any issues (the update that is), time to grind PVP and wild for pulls
  13. spenoultrasonics

    Bot spending credits

    Anyone else finding credits missing with all disabled? Notice mine has gone from 650 to 350 today, but I didn't see what triggered the spending
  14. spenoultrasonics

    LMS stuck

    When the deck resets it gets stuck also
  15. spenoultrasonics

    LMS stuck