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  1. spenoultrasonics

    Unfortunately, WWE Bot has stopped.

    Spam post in the general discussion
  2. spenoultrasonics

    Any update on using ads for events?

    This would be a great update I note on Nox that ads drop out and the game doesn't return though.
  3. spenoultrasonics

    RD Broken

  4. spenoultrasonics

    RD Broken

    Yep same
  5. spenoultrasonics

    RD broken

    Using Nox on the normal settings. Rd selects bout, gets to RD game screen, but freezes and doesn't play
  6. spenoultrasonics

    uptdate wednesday 3.4.2019 / new tier

    Not hard for them to screen, start with account that have not bought anything, that gets rid of the free riders for them, they run a business.
  7. spenoultrasonics

    uptdate wednesday 3.4.2019 / new tier

    Yep they ban, I save so much money in life lol If they ban people Cat Daddy will lose heaps of players and real cash, people use the bot to free up their life, they still buy game coins for events. Anyone who grinds only with bot and not putting money in will be targeted IMO
  8. spenoultrasonics

    Change so bot will not so easy identified

    Yes I am worried about the coming update and security measures A set timer that could be done so the bot turns off for a while, then back on again (more human like, say bot for 45 minutes, off for 1 hour, bot for 30 mins, off for 20 mins, bot for 1 hour, off for 3 hours and so on)
  9. spenoultrasonics


    Female loss and non paired arrows
  10. spenoultrasonics


    Any tips to get past arena 56 or higher, seem to lose some and hit the wall?
  11. spenoultrasonics

    LMS Multiplier

    Hi, Is there anyway to put the LMS multiplier on through the bot?
  12. spenoultrasonics

    Code to check your not a bot

    Got throught it well, forgot about them as I havent seen one in ages
  13. spenoultrasonics

    Code to check your not a bot

    First time I have notice the code checker in game for a while. Does the bot figure out the code?
  14. spenoultrasonics

    Todays Update

    Ah it might have been as i was eliminated in KOTR, but it didnt trigger any other game modes. I had KOTR, event, MITB and PVP selected
  15. spenoultrasonics

    Todays Update

    Hi, Todays update has made the bot just keep cycling through games and not playing anything. Updated around 1 hour ago NoX (1080/1920/400) Cheers