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  1. xXSlothmanXx

    Nox emulator

  2. xXSlothmanXx

    Release of Season 6

    Hi there, I´ve checked the whole ting a little bit. The Game modes works still perfectly, also the catcha. Problem is the finding of the right spot of WILD, PVP, MITB pp. and I think there might also a problem with card feeding But for now I just let it run while watching and it levels up my first primal pro 🙂 Thanks in advace @admin I know you`ll do your best to give us the updated bot asap.
  3. xXSlothmanXx


    had to restart the emu afterwards it worked perfectly, thanks :-)
  4. xXSlothmanXx


    yes I tested both variantes but both leads to the same issue bot gets stuck on the promotion site
  5. xXSlothmanXx


    Hi Admin, checked it and for me it now hangs on the promotion side. The bot goes to OTL and afterwards he scrolls to the left instead of right opens the promotion and stuck Thanks in advace
  6. xXSlothmanXx

    Season Enhancements

    Hi there, any posibillity to add the Season Fusion into the bot? Because bot stops running after a few hours due to full enhancements. Thanks in advance Kind regards Sloth