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  1. @admin is there anyway, apart from changing the tier of card you want to train away, that we can get around the game saying we can only train 300 cards away at a time?
  2. Jordan Hubble


    Can confirm - just missed out on a whole Giant
  3. Jordan Hubble

    Bot stucks after each pick

    @admin it's been over 12 hours come on!!!!!
  4. Jordan Hubble

    Bot stucks after each pick

    it's been since the app update, if you've not updated the app you won't have the issue
  5. Jordan Hubble

    Bot stucks after each pick

    Admin is already aware - he's gonna fix it when he's home
  6. Jordan Hubble

    Bug getting stuck.

    @admin after the update that just dropped for the game I’m having it getting stuck on a card once you’ve picked from the board
  7. Jordan Hubble

    A few suggestions

    Hi I have a few suggestions can you up the card training limit to WM35 or even just to shattered? Is there also any chance you can add normal fusion chamber so it automatically adds cards and starts the next one? Or is that too complicated
  8. Jordan Hubble

    Time deduct after bot version rolled bacl

    am I going to get the 6hour time deduction back??
  9. @admin I had time deducted from the bot after the version got rolled back as I changed emulator
  10. Jordan Hubble

    Mac Emulator Alternatives?

    Hello guys, Just wondering if anyone is using any alternatives to Nox on Mac? cause it runs like absolute crap for me. I've had to BootCamp my mac for a month to run it on Memu, but that kind of defeats the objective of a Mac.. Any advice? or settings to run Nox better?
  11. Jordan Hubble

    Giants unleashed

    short answer it won't be ready to play the event straight away as it hasn't been released yet and needs to be coded
  12. Jordan Hubble

    Unfortunately, Nox Launcher has stopped

    I have used Memu on PC, honestly go for it - it runs so smoothly
  13. Jordan Hubble

    Unfortunately, Nox Launcher has stopped

    I've had this problem. I've lost over 24 hours on my bot because of it. Memu doesn't work on Mac and the other Emulator listed is non-existent