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  1. cyberkitten01

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    This pleeeease
  2. cyberkitten01

    Just a Thought - Getting Penalized for Emulators

    I keep getting '.. has stopped working' errors, and reinstalling nox/adding a new instance seems to be the only thing that fixes it. I've lost at least 36 hours of this month's allowance already 😕
  3. cyberkitten01

    SuperCard Bot V19.47

    Ads and authenticator both working great 🙂
  4. cyberkitten01

    SuperCard Bot V19.46

    stack traceback: attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value No ads. Reinstalled bot
  5. cyberkitten01

    SuperCard Bot V19.45

    Mine was 6.2.71 too, and like you said if you press 'check for updates', it tells you it's the latest. But a quick google for and there is a newer version. Downloading it now and hopefully it'll be more stable
  6. cyberkitten01

    Its this bot Really safe?

    Playing some games manually while waiting for the bot update, and I swear I only did 10 Wild games in a row and got the CAPTCHA authenticator thing. So yeah, looks like they're going all out and trying to catch bots
  7. cyberkitten01

    Any update on using ads for events?

    Perhaps the 'Buy Bouts' dropdown can have the option 'Use Ads' so it's mode specific. That would be incredible
  8. cyberkitten01

    Bot can't pass auth code screen

    Pretty sure it's working fine now. I don't think MEmu was quite right. Nox is running well
  9. cyberkitten01

    Bot can't pass auth code screen

    Saw someone posted in General Discussion with a similar issue. I'm going to try going back to Nox Player to see if it's any different
  10. cyberkitten01

    Bot can't pass auth code screen

    Heya, I recently had lots of problems with Nox Player, so moved to MEmu, which has been fine so far. However I've enabled BUY BOUTS for RTG, and the bot can't pass the auth code screen. It comes up with the enter code screen, and the bot goes to "Stuck, restarting in.." and gets stuck in a loop. Is this just happening to me? I have it set to 1080 x 1920 400dpi, so I'm not sure why it can't do it