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  1. Chipopo

    SuperCard Bot V20.31

    Having the same issue, playing on nox
  2. Chipopo

    Clash of Champions

    choose to play 1 stat if possible
  3. Chipopo

    Clash of Champions

    Remember the card (their place) you played, if you don't found the rival then don't play this cards in the next bout, because the rival stays at the same place until you found them
  4. There is a new filters screen when training cards, the bot will stuck because they change and add buttons, @admin please fix, I have send you an email with the image, thank you.
  5. Chipopo

    Bot stuck at LMS menu

    I'm playing in 1080P, Bot stuck for me on this screen... when manually click it keep going well
  6. Chipopo

    Endless PVP cycle

    When bot setting is on PVP mode only with Auto Logout option Enable, the PVP doesn't being played, the bout timer keeps adding time and the bot doesn't logout - stays on the PVP screen. When PVP is on with event or wild mode enable there is no problem. please help
  7. Chipopo

    No Ads

    I'm having the same issue since season 6 went live, been trying different Nox versions and Memu versions but no ads yet. I couldn't find any solution online for this issue
  8. Chipopo

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    After the play store update from today the calculating results/searching screen doesn't get you stuck, the giant appears automatically, so no need to restart the game
  9. Chipopo

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    We have to restart the app or go to the main screen("tap to play") for the new giant to appear
  10. Chipopo

    SuperCard Bot V19.48

  11. Chipopo

    Any update on using ads for events?

    Thanks for adding this, The only problem I have had is When running out of ads(free ad button is not responding) the bot get stuck on the buy bouts/free ad screen
  12. Chipopo

    Season Enhancements

    There is a glitch in game that we can only get to 99 enhancement, so the bot won't train them away. (won't reach the 100 limit) maybe make the bot train the enhancement once in an hour