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  1. Elier101

    Clash Of Champions

    @admincan u please add To the bot to use the peeks i have 60 all the time and it might help with the Wins better.
  2. Elier101

    SuperCard Bot V20.22

    hey admin can u take a look at the 10% speed when i put it on it starts to freeze and act crazy can u check that out please
  3. Elier101

    SuperCard Bot V20.22

    ive re download them both and nothing
  4. Elier101

    SuperCard Bot V20.22

    hey the bot keep freezing and picking pvp and i dont even have selected to play it its happening on both emulator nox & memu please help with this.
  5. Elier101

    Marvel strike force where do i download??

    have u released it admin
  6. Elier101

    Bot Use of Support Cards

    Yes please listen to this man thanks bud lmao
  7. Anyone caRe to help me here