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  1. Riko

    Elimination Chamber PVP

    Mine use only sometimes..not every game. I can advice to use a full leveled deck on high tier (ss18-SH)...so support It's no so important. Most of time opponents are Bot and you can win easily without support card
  2. Riko

    Its this bot Really safe?

    From 1 year i run the Bot 24/7 ...just only pause when i Play by hands
  3. Riko

    Question to long time users of the bot

    For heroic..i generally use 2 Times 75 doublers from 600 credtis..one for normal and one fir heroic side. Just set up well your deck. I use balanced with only one elite /hardened card
  4. Riko

    RD broken

    Now It's clean 🙂
  5. Riko

    RD broken

    Mine work I use nox e now no tbg running till tonight. But Never seen issue for tbg active
  6. Riko

    RD broken

    Just checked...mine work perfectly As well. Maybe others reason? (card limit etc)
  7. Riko

    RD broken

    Damn.. How its possibile? Previous with andre the giant was ok
  8. Riko

    keeps stopping

    It's so easy stop the Bot without closing.. maybe you use the bot only some hours ?
  9. Good point of view. Better have a option for using where you want
  10. Riko

    uptdate wednesday 3.4.2019 / new tier

    I think game guardian users will be discovered before than Us. Also who use speed the game could be easiliy discovered. But the only way 4 know What will happens ..itS wait the update And check after
  11. I dont know if its possibile...but if everyone can choose itself the game rotation...could be helpful on this topic
  12. Riko

    uptdate wednesday 3.4.2019 / new tier

    I think anyone know before update
  13. Depends also if you able / disable others game mode (pvp, mitb, event) and how Many card you have locked (with High n° of cards the bot need more time to clear and training every few game). The same for enhancement due to promotional spring fusion
  14. Riko

    LMS settings

    For me the same..i dont use the bot on lms. No good chances to make right amount of point. I think it's a particular game mode that not allow the bot for first 100 Arenas. Maybe after change
  15. Riko

    automatically playing ads

    I think will be not easy to add this feature...but would be awesome.