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  1. Riko

    Buy Bouts

    Please @admin fix this will help a lot
  2. Riko

    Bot Hangs

    Thx 4 indirect help. I got same problem today..i have fixed in same way . 👍 @admin maybe others van have this issue..i run Bot from years never happens
  3. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Someone can use Bot woth coc on memu ? Bot its stuck
  4. Riko

    The Best Deck Setup for Royal Rumble & Bot Play?

    This is not good imo..eggs vs eggs you will lose points. Replace eggs with monster or beast card
  5. Rtg its not active thats the reason maybe
  6. Riko

    Network error on nox?

    Someone have fix and can run running bot on nox ? I Try memu but bit its stuck on first page
  7. Riko

    New bot but not really

    Bot broken 😬
  8. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    Admin will fix issue one by one im sure..we lucky partial use day one after season lunch 😉
  9. Riko

    Update to S6

    Major change expected admin 😉
  10. Riko


    What change from 3 to 5 minute of wild? If you want try how work wild possibility...😁
  11. Riko

    Bot too Expensive

    The same happens to me. But first time..its happens due gumroad. Ive never paid this kind of charge from a site. Hoping 4 admin back to previous payment mode . I think he will work on..at least for a alternative option for us
  12. Riko

    Bot stop automatically

    Interesting idea admin..If you can add next Bot update. For those who havent good cpu save lot of time for pvp wild etc..
  13. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.67

    Thanks admin long waited 👍
  14. Riko

    Native software

    Try install apk from others source like apk monk