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  1. Riko

    New Event (Probably) next week

    Tutorial are up on game...it seems new version of otl
  2. Riko

    New SuperCard Update

    Lol...they broke everything they want fix 🤣
  3. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.55

    Thanks 4 fixing auto update of Bot 👍
  4. Riko

    New Event (Probably) next week

    First time more Play by hands..admin need to coding 😉
  5. Riko

    Bot is training away WM35 cards

    Locked or unlocked?
  6. Riko


    I use the same version 6 2.2 from a year, and i dont want change just for this possibile issue
  7. Riko

    Remote Access

    For me the same. I using goggle app from a year when i m at work or out of home. Enter a codekey its not the best feature..but im running well. Take attention to connection time limit from 2 your device...one time in the past was Expired due to many days or week. I had to enable from laltop a new connection
  8. Riko

    bot needs update

    I have only "bot stopped" after first 2 install. Unistalled and re download from site and third time install and everything back ok. A lot better the auto update feature we use during last year
  9. Here we go, new tier its ready. Admin we can hope for a quick fix ? Another game changes expected according to their Facebook page. Dont know what they means and if coding will be affected
  10. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.51

    Mine work on nox
  11. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.51

    No more chances of auto update of the Bot directly from start ?
  12. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.49

    Done..with nox seems all ok
  13. Riko

    SuperCard Bot V19.49

    Update from Bot directly or just like previous from site ? Need unistall and install with insert codekey?
  14. Riko


    Right point..if you want a decent mankind card. Bot are not able to discover before obstacle and then collect more streak possible , using right tag etc.. Bot is awesome...but for a good lms need human tactics
  15. Riko


    There is already some topic about...i prefer Play lms by hand...Bot cant Play like i want for earn more points possibile from each arena