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  1. willis

    New feature is coming

    I'm done anyway, $38 is too much to not play a game. Plus the advantage it used to give is diminished. I botted all season and only won like 2 kotr because there are so many people using the bot now.
  2. willis

    New feature is coming

    Weird, I don't see how it would be an easy fix. The pattern on the board doesn't pick correctly as is, it's always missing a card in the top to bottom, left to right pattern PLUS admin will have to do a board pattern update everyday. He's been better, but relying on him to update everyday seems like a stretch.
  3. willis

    Giants question

    I have never played the Giants mode. I quit for a long time and recently came back. I assume there is a mode for Giants in the bot, but are there any settings I should change for optimal performance in the mode?
  4. willis

    MY SS19 TEAM

    sent message
  5. willis

    Season 6

    Hopefully he posts when it's working. I MIGHT sign back up but only after I get word it's working.