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  1. Zwerg

    TRD didnt work

    And after all plays are made,bot hangs in TRD Screen not pressing back to go to main menue.
  2. Zwerg

    TRD didnt work

    Same Here. If I manually press Start, bot runs fine.
  3. Zwerg

    new update ver. 19.78

    Bot 19.78 got stuck in MiTB Not selecting next card (all with white flags). Ist is working on 19.77
  4. Zwerg

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    Stops selecting cards in Money In The Banks, when no card with white flag (5 Points) is available.
  5. Hi, IT would be nice to have the ability to add a licencekey / 30 dass Playtime to the running playtime. My licencekey runs Out in a few days and i would like to add new playtime now. Maybe on one of the next updates you can add this. Like a list. If one Key runs out, bot turns to next Key.
  6. Using bot on Nox ad a formal User. But bot ist stopping after a few minutes with latest Update. Downloaded bot again, but still stops. I disabled LMS and auto fusions. But bot still Stop. Stops means ending Supercard and bot App. Please Help.
  7. Zwerg

    New SuperCard Update

    Nox crashed some Times, but restarting PC and restarting Nox solved the Problem. Update via Playstore and everything working fine. Nothing stretched, only in Phone Supercard ist stretched.
  8. Zwerg

    Not always selecting cards in War

    Sometimes bot not selecting First Card. If you die manually bot chooses second and third.
  9. Zwerg

    Bot spending credits

    Yep, experienced too that bot buys blocks or cardopeners in LMS. I had not enough credits to buy cardpack but when I come Back, after a few hours, my small amount of credits was decreased. It looks like the bot presses you block Button, even If it is Set to never buy , because you have use blocks. It is the same button and bot can see that you are Not using Blocks. Bot thinks he is using, but really it ist buying. I don't know If it is BLOCKS or OPENING.
  10. Hi, I experienced a problem in LMS when a tagteam-battle starts. Bot uses the first two cards awailable, not checking If a Belohnung arrows are available. Is it possible that bot chooses a team with positiv arrows? The best pattern should be Positiv - equal - negativ arrows. Maybe a suggestion for future update.
  11. Zwerg

    LMS stuck

    Have the same issue. Bot working, after deck reset. OK, If you wait, bot restarts. But that's not what we want.
  12. Zwerg

    SuperCard Bot V19.49

    That is correct. Bot plays LMS until he loses a game. So when you start LMS it will run really long. If you have reached a lvl with 12 obstacles for example, it will stop real soon.
  13. Zwerg

    Captcha Code 1122

    Here ist IS. Trying to Insert and circles again till i Stop bot.
  14. Zwerg

    Captcha Code 1122

    Same here. Capture Code 1122 ist needed, bot always enters 122. Please Help.
  15. Hmm, looks like catdaddy found a was to minimize botting. Update just bevore new event start, keeps programmer busy and botters angry. Changing things every few days and no bot is really working.