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  1. Zwerg

    Bot stuck at LMS menu

    Same here with redfinger and nox
  2. IT doesn't matter if I let the bot train to catalysm or wm35 or whatelse. Always the same Problem. At PC using nox bot has no such problem.
  3. OK, with the Help of support I changed to US-Server. But bot is not running without problems. I checked bot to train cards. Bot trains cards for a few times but then stops to train cards. Bot tries to restarts supercards, but App is not starting. Got stuck in starting-screen. Loop ist starting: bot trying to start - fails - tying to restart....
  4. Is there a possibility to change the server Location in a running subscription? I haven't found IT.
  5. I am using redfinger. IT doesn't matter if I use redfinger for Android-App or redfinger for win. Redfinger get's stuck and bot is looping trying to restart app.
  6. Sometimes bot has connection problems and restarts. At this point restarting supercards takes too long and while starting, coundown of bot reaches 0 again and restarting again. So restarting got stuck in restarting loop. Only possibility is to manually stop bot, restart supercards and start bot again. If possible, please fix.
  7. At what Location ist your redfinger-account? US or Asia? I accidentually Tool Asia and ist IS running slow. And I can't change the location without playing die a new subscription.
  8. Zwerg

    Elimination chamber issue

    Same here, bot gets stuck, tries to restart and not starting again. No more playing itself.
  9. Interested in this. Waiting for you go admin.
  10. Zwerg

    TRD didnt work

    And after all plays are made,bot hangs in TRD Screen not pressing back to go to main menue.
  11. Zwerg

    TRD didnt work

    Same Here. If I manually press Start, bot runs fine.
  12. Zwerg

    new update ver. 19.78

    Bot 19.78 got stuck in MiTB Not selecting next card (all with white flags). Ist is working on 19.77
  13. Zwerg

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    Stops selecting cards in Money In The Banks, when no card with white flag (5 Points) is available.
  14. Hi, IT would be nice to have the ability to add a licencekey / 30 dass Playtime to the running playtime. My licencekey runs Out in a few days and i would like to add new playtime now. Maybe on one of the next updates you can add this. Like a list. If one Key runs out, bot turns to next Key.
  15. Using bot on Nox ad a formal User. But bot ist stopping after a few minutes with latest Update. Downloaded bot again, but still stops. I disabled LMS and auto fusions. But bot still Stop. Stops means ending Supercard and bot App. Please Help.