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  1. Sigite

    bot getting stuck on draft board

    this is a legit issue, my bot cant run, im paying for a service, and it's been bugged for over 24 hrs, it's a problem. the update was already in the game yesterday, he could've fixed it then. they added nothing new outside of a new tier which doesn't affect much of anything
  2. Sigite

    New bot version available: error

    freezing on draft board, glad to know im not the only one, i was losing my mind LMFAO
  3. Sigite

    New bot version available: error

    same @admin
  4. Sigite

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    or could you program the bot to click the top left and top right depending on what ad we get, for 37 bucks a month i shouldn't have to disable ads for the bot to work......
  5. Sigite

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    it is possible, it should be an option, but the bot has trouble with ads because the "X" appears in both the top left and top right so it doesn't close ads out sometimes and it causes the game to get stuck and won't reset.
  6. Sigite

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    it's under "train event enhancments" i've had mine on the entire month and have had 0 issues.
  7. Sigite

    SuperCard Bot V20.04

    stop saving so many cards then, i use Primal to upgrade and i have no issues with card management
  8. Sigite

    serious card training issue

    who the hell doesn't lock cards? i have no sympathy for you
  9. once again the bot doesn't click the X, just sits at there, idk if it's cause the X can be top left and top right or what, but it's very annoying.
  10. Sigite


    Is there a chance this bot will ever be optimized? I find it insane that it takes more power to run a phone game than an actual PC game, or is that just Memu/Nox taking up so much power?
  11. Sigite

    Pick Free Packs

    bot should always pick the free packs and the ad, it's roughly 16-20 credits a day and would help over time.
  12. Sigite

    Event Fusion Chamber

    can confrim, bot just sits there, nothing happens.
  13. Sigite

    TRD didnt work

    @adminbot getting stuck on TRD screen
  14. Sigite

    TRD didnt work