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  1. Epix

    Captcha Code

    What mode was it popping up in?
  2. Awesome thank you for the info!
  3. Question to those using it since the update. My key is expired and I'm going back and forth on it I was to renew it now and try to finish out RD (I'm on Shattered Uso in heroic) with 19 hours left or if I should just call it and renew on next event. Do you think it's working well enough to fire it up now and let it ride or do you think it would be wise to wait? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  4. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    Yeah, I had seen that thread but didn't see any interesting info related to my question at the first couple pages and I didn't go through all 4 pages. Thanks for the info.
  5. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    Thanks for the info. What thread was this in? I haven't seen anything like that. I must have missed the thread.
  6. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    *Sigh* Cool dude. Cool. Super helpful.
  7. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    Oh man that's a bummer he's got to do so much work. Glad he's working so hard on it though. Thanks for the info!
  8. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    Sorry I don't dig throughout every thread to find a random comment. I thought I'd put this here with a very specific title so it would be EASY to find for anybody that has the same question. Of course he's going to say when an update is out, I'm not an idiot. There is a difference between knowing it's done when it's done and having an idea when it may be done so people can plan their time accordingly. No need to be rude dude
  9. Epix

    Admin, update ETA?

    Hey Admin! Not trying to rush you in any way, just curious if you have any idea of when you're expecting the update will be completed? Last I've seen you were hoping it would be done before RD. Any possible update would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Has anybody used the bot after the big update? My code expired while the servers were down so I haven't have a chance to try it. Want to make sure it's still all good before dropping the money for another code. Thanks!
  11. Epix

    LMS 2x multiplier

    Yes please
  12. That's a great idea!
  13. Epix

    LMS 2x multiplier

    Somebody had asked this during the last LMS but there was no response and it hasn't been added but I thought I'd try asking again because I feel it would be very useful. Is there any way we could add an option to turn on the 2x multiplier option in LMS? It would be so awesome if we could be able to get that added!
  14. Epix

    Bot keeps pausing

    It's been working great today with RTG. I've only had it pause twice. It was mostly just during RD that I've had issues so far. Looking forward to the fix for next RD. Keep up the great work Admin!