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  1. Epix

    LMS 2x multiplier

    Yes please
  2. That's a great idea!
  3. Epix

    LMS 2x multiplier

    Somebody had asked this during the last LMS but there was no response and it hasn't been added but I thought I'd try asking again because I feel it would be very useful. Is there any way we could add an option to turn on the 2x multiplier option in LMS? It would be so awesome if we could be able to get that added!
  4. Epix

    Bot keeps pausing

    It's been working great today with RTG. I've only had it pause twice. It was mostly just during RD that I've had issues so far. Looking forward to the fix for next RD. Keep up the great work Admin!
  5. Epix

    cannot download update

    I'm also using Nox on Mac and having all sorts of issues. Currently it'll play maybe 3 games of RTG then it'll just stop working.
  6. Epix

    Bot keeps pausing

    I disagree, the bots sole purpose is to play the game for you by itself. You should be able to set it and forget it. Like Syxx I'm also experiencing the issue where it just seems to stop working after maybe 3 RTG games. The admin seems to be good at pushing out fixes so I'm sure it'll be resolved soon.
  7. Epix

    Bot keeps pausing

    For the last couple of days the bot keeps pausing itself. The WWE logo you click on to pause-settings-close somehow moves from the top right of the screen to the middle right and that's when it seems to happen. I'm not sure when it happens exactly but I think the bot clicks on that icon and drags it straight down through clicks itself again and pauses itself. It's been happening in RD and because of it happening so often I unfortunately missed out on the heroic upgrade.
  8. Epix

    Bot not using double picks in RD

    Appreciate the update a lot. That was huge.
  9. Epix

    Noob question

    Thanks! I just found one called Owly that seems to be working. Now I just gotta deal with Nox crashing lol
  10. I spent 1200 credits to get the large pack of double picks for this flash event (ring domination) but every time the bot plays it never uses the double picks. Anybody else have this issue or know a fix?
  11. Epix

    Noob question

    Just started using the bit about 10 minutes ago on my MacBook Pro and I've got a bit of a noob question, my RTG deck kind of sucks so I'm wanting to leave it in all night to grind out those +1 If my laptop screen goes dim or sleeps, will the bot still run in the background or do I need to change the settings on the laptop so it never sleeps? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Epix

    Computer requirements

    Hey all! I have a look for something about this but didn't see anything, sorry if it's already been answered. What kind of computer specs would you recommend to run this smoothly? I'm new to this and current only have a phone and tablet so trying to figure out what kind of computer I should be looking at. Thanks for the info/suggestions!