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  1. Paton445

    Need Team

    currently Primal but obvs with the bot it wont be long till im higher need active players
  2. Paton445

    Clash Of Champions

    Does the bot do well in this event? havent played this event yet can the bot even play it?
  3. Paton445

    Giants stuck on gear selection screen

    Mine is working fine, just try not selecting it to use gears thats what mine is on
  4. Paton445

    Just need some pointers!

    Desktop pc i7 2080ti 256ssd 1tb hd
  5. Paton445

    Just need some pointers!

    Hey all, i used to use this bot and stopped playing for a while but came back and having a few issues 1) keep getting errors pop up, "key chain has stopped" and "one time has stopped" 2) bot will get stuck or crash sometimes. All in all i love this bot and owner does a great job just wondering if there are fixes for my issues or if its stuff i have to deal with it.