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  1. cooldude

    Multiple Runs on Nox?

    I use all 3 account on 3 different teams. Owner of 2 and helping out a friend on my 3rd account. All accounts are top tier all around
  2. cooldude

    Multiple Runs on Nox?

    U can run multi accounts on nox but you will need a separate key. I have 3 accounts running on my Alienware with 3 different keys
  3. cooldude

    Credits 3rd party

    Cheap credits isn’t any different then using the bot. We all know that it’s breaking the rules of fair play. But if 1/2 of the community use it and buy it why not go with them instead of going against them. I supply it 15k for $25.
  4. Why go against them go with them can’t fair play it all are using it
  5. cooldude

    Multiple Runs on Nox?

    Only same account will run. If you trying to run same account on 2 nox player u will get kicked out of 1 of the emulators
  6. cooldude

    Credits 3rd party

    If you all looking hit me up. Have plenty of proof
  7. cooldude


    Nox u can create multi emulators and use multi codes. I’m running nox on a pc with 2 emulators and other pc with 1 emulator that’s why I was wondering if u can use red finger like u use nox
  8. cooldude

    Clash of Champions

    Rank 16 and 29 and about 9k credits
  9. cooldude

    LMS vs CoC

    Keep up the good work @admin
  10. cooldude


    When using red finger can you use multi accounts with multi keys. I’m running 3 bots on 2 pcs with 3 separate keys 24/7 but was thinking on trying out red finger
  11. cooldude


    Been using it 24/7 and no issues Ben using it since season 3 with no banns. Well recommended. 3 accounts 3 bots
  12. cooldude

    Fusion chamber issue

    No issues here and I have 3 bots running with 3 accounts so it must be your part something not right
  13. cooldude

    Newest Update

    I though it was working but it just stays there til the timer runs and
  14. cooldude

    Newest Update

    Yeah that worked thanks
  15. cooldude

    Newest Update

    Is anyone have issues with pvp. Mines getting stuck on pvp and not choosing the cards. It’s making my bot stuck. If I play it by hand the bot will pick the cards off the board but not to play it. I’m running nox and never had an issue