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  1. SladePT

    How to stop your bot ?

    Ingame, just click on the WWE Icon and then press stop
  2. SladePT


    The bot doesn't work on BlueStacks. Try memu
  3. SladePT

    LMS Setup

    Currently I'm not using the bot to play LMS. Rather play it myself since I can pick doublers, and specially use blocks and reveals when I'm supposed to use
  4. SladePT

    Bot for Android phone?

    S7 resolution is 1440p
  5. SladePT

    How to reduce losing rate using bot for 24/7 ?

    No, the other way around. V/V/V/M M/V
  6. SladePT

    Combination of cards.

    Never heard about that. Make sure none of those are locked or in a KOTR game you might have started
  7. That depends. CD might bring this place down and go to court with @admin if they want to. They probably know this place exists and couldn't do much about it before because there was nothing stipulated about it. Now, there's a TOS and they have the means to do it.
  8. SladePT

    bot keeps stopping

    Mind sending some screens?
  9. SladePT

    bot keeps stopping

    Where does it usually stop?
  10. SladePT

    Wild Ads?

    Why would you want to waste ads to get more picks?
  11. SladePT

    Network disconnect at the end of Giants

    Yes, it's happening to me as well. Game's broken as hell right now
  12. SladePT

    Best configuration for MITB ?

    All pro's. Running all Primal pro's and also winning every +5 match
  13. SladePT

    Wild Ads?

    Because wild doesn't have bouts, hence not needing ads
  14. SladePT

    So with this new Roadblock event

    Using GG and lowering the speed
  15. SladePT

    SuperCard Bot V20.04

    Why would I take your advice over this, if all I'm saving are Vanguards and Primals? The rest I keep silver pro'ing them.