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  1. own_16

    Training Cards Exceeds 300 Limit

    same issue here, try setting where it will only train up to titan
  2. own_16

    wont start

    ok got the working but now it is saying net err
  3. own_16

    wont start

    when i try to start it says setting error!! Make sure enable the nodes you want to attack in raid settings tab
  4. own_16

    net err, try again later

    turn your vpn off and it should work
  5. own_16

    multi key

    If we were to purchase both the supercard and the strike force could we get a discount?
  6. own_16

    MY SS19 TEAM

    Have a spot for 2 of us?
  7. own_16


    Anyone want to join a team?
  8. own_16

    SuperCard Bot V19.52

    For whatever reason I had to uninstall Knox and then reinstall
  9. own_16

    SuperCard Bot V19.52

    now game just gets stuck and keeps restarting, its unusable in current state can we revert to the previous version?
  10. own_16

    SuperCard Bot V19.52

    i disabled my vpn and it worked now gonna try to renable it.
  11. own_16

    SuperCard Bot V19.52

    all i get when hit run script is net err
  12. own_16

    Run script

    When I hit run script in nox it don't start. It was working earlier
  13. own_16

    LMS won't start

    Admin does a great job, i have only did a little coding in my day. its not as easy as it sounds lol.
  14. own_16

    Royal Rumble problem

    Mine plays it fine but after it picks the shards it goes to buy bouts and hangs there