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  1. jumperanima

    Bot dusting Forged tier

    As far as i know there is no other working bot. This bot was called bot11 a few years ago. Dont be impatient and remember that this bot is made by one man. Long time users know that new game Features take some time and admin is not a top tier player ( He said that in wm37 Tier) so He can't get the cards himself to tell the bot the new color. Forged color is very similar to swarm so the bot could get confused. At every new Tier disable dusting for 1-2 days and wait for an Update. The world doesnt end because you miss out on 3-4 cards
  2. I use the bot from time to time for 1-2 years now. Never got banned. In a Ticket i got warned for buying third Party Credits but they dont know i botted that long and i know not a single ban from this bot.
  3. The bot doesn't quit when he loses. He's just playing and losing 7:2. Option to quit is enabled
  4. jumperanima

    BOT MIGHT be dusting WM37 cards

    Can confirm the bot almost dusted the Event Card
  5. jumperanima

    Best Way to Train away Cards and Dust ?

    dust until swarm for pulls and after i get a wm37 pro or something thats worth level up i have enough behemoth and rr21 cards to level
  6. jumperanima

    "Trainable Tiers"

    marked the option for you, you find it in the "train" Tab it goes up to Swarm Tier
  7. jumperanima


    maybe not possible. it looks like the bot works with image recognition and the puzzler is extremely tight timed. checking everything on screen and picking an action will take too long
  8. jumperanima

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    bot stops using the dust feature after 2 wild matches on redfinger @admin
  9. jumperanima

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    looks great so far, expected dust to take a few days but great work
  10. jumperanima

    new feature with the new tier

    Its useful for all Players. The dusting Feature takes you to a 4x4 draftboard that resets with a guaranteed pull from your Tier. Already got 3 wm37 from it
  11. jumperanima

    2 Event bugged

    Now there is still time left before RD closes. The bot goes to RD and swipes to the Special Store offer before closing itself. Tried trtg as second and first Event. The bot does not swipe to the second event on the menu
  12. jumperanima

    Bot used on other device?

    This happens for hours now so it must be a bug
  13. jumperanima

    Bot used on other device?

    Bot stops running after reinstalling on redfinger cloud Phone. The Problem is the cloudphone is the only device i use this bot now. @admin please check this i have 18 days left and want to use what i payed for. The only thing i can think of is duplicated sell of the Key
  14. jumperanima

    Is The Bot System Up And Running Again?

    Yes he switched to another Framework still needs improvements but it works
  15. Its the same if you use vmos you have to activate that fakeroot for it