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  1. same here for my @admin
  2. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V21.41

    @admin autoswitch is not working with this rd. can you please check it?
  3. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V21.41

    @admin will it work backwards too? If an event or pvp has ended, will it autoswitch also?
  4. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V21.41

    yeeeees, thank you very much 😍
  5. T1909G

    Bot down?

    ...anyone else?
  6. @admin Is it possible to add this function. For example, i have to go to bed at 10 pm. The Event (RTG) starts one hour later at 11 pm. But i want the Bot play the Event the whole night, but if i set the bot to play the event before it actually has started, it stucks on the evnt screen for the whole night. Is it possible to add a function to avoid this problem?
  7. T1909G

    BOT MIGHT be dusting WM37 cards

    One of the Problems here is that the bot clicks again several times after the shardboard is gone and then clicks a few cards and clicks dust although my dust option is not on. That is only one problem of a few. please @admin check this as soon as possible.
  8. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V21.32

    here too, stucking now on the "done" button. @admin
  9. T1909G

    Issues with RTG

    Yes, had the same Setting. But at the End of the third Quarter i was behind 8 :2. But the Bot wasnt quitting.
  10. T1909G

    Suggestion - Dust/Train up to Behemoth

    Dust to Behemoth would be very great. @admin
  11. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    There is no Chance to dust if the card limit is 400/400. It has nothing to do with the Bot.
  12. T1909G

    New event

    @admin ?!
  13. T1909G

    Bot stucks on Gauntlet

    same, stucks every time when there is no bout to use. Watching ads isnt working too. we need a quick fix for this. @admin