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  1. T1909G

    How undetectable is this bot really?

    how can redfinger be used in europe? i can only choose between asia und usa.
  2. T1909G


    You have to root your Bluestacks. Then it works perfect.
  3. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.29

    @admin thats right, on memu it didnt work for me the last weeks. But on bluestacks it works well.
  4. T1909G


    On Memu only 1 out 20 ads did work for me. On Bluestacks its works fine for me now.
  5. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.29

    good work @admin , but where is the game speed changer? Have you removed it?
  6. alright, sent it to your email.
  7. @admin dont working for me. updated, started the bot new, tried it with giants as first event and as you said rtg as first and giants second. in both variants the bot gets stuck at the sale triple h screen. 😞
  8. T1909G

    bot constyntly stops and does nothing more

    On MEMU it seems that the Bot has Problems with the Game Speed 10 %. It doesnt start with 10% Game Speed.
  9. Hello, since tonight my bot keeps getting stuck. sometimes after royal rumble and sometimes after RD picking cards. Nothing happens after that, not trying to start the bot new automatically on bluestacks. On NOX i dont even get the to run. it says net error before i can start it. I now will try it with MEMU.
  10. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.21

    yep, same here. Still stuck on 4 cards.
  11. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.08

    I cant find redfinger on playstore on my phone. Can anyone help?
  12. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.02

    Thank you very much @admin after how many minutes the bot is logging out? Just to know that. 🙂
  13. T1909G

    PVP bouts not refilling when logged in

    @admin Can you please do anything. It seems that many others have the same problem. When the Bot is logged in, the Bouts for PVP not automatically refill, only when you go out of the game and restart. I let the Bot run all night and when i look in the Morning, no bouts are there and no games are made :( . can you maybe install that the bot is logging out for one second only all 30 minutes or something. Pleease
  14. T1909G

    PVP bouts not refilling when logged in

    same problem here. but i think this is not a bot-problem. it is the same when i play on my smartphone. PVp is useless at the moment when use this bot. 😞