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  1. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V20.02

    Thank you very much @admin after how many minutes the bot is logging out? Just to know that. 🙂
  2. T1909G

    PVP bouts not refilling when logged in

    @admin Can you please do anything. It seems that many others have the same problem. When the Bot is logged in, the Bouts for PVP not automatically refill, only when you go out of the game and restart. I let the Bot run all night and when i look in the Morning, no bouts are there and no games are made :( . can you maybe install that the bot is logging out for one second only all 30 minutes or something. Pleease
  3. T1909G

    PVP bouts not refilling when logged in

    same problem here. but i think this is not a bot-problem. it is the same when i play on my smartphone. PVp is useless at the moment when use this bot. 😞
  4. T1909G

    NOX/Problem with watching ads

    tried it, both didnt work.
  5. Hello everyone, maybe someone can help me. When watching an ad, the screen turns black for about 30 seconds without an ad and then the bot says it stucks and closes in 90 seconds to reopen the game, but there is no new bout from watching ads. It happens for me since a few weeks. I really hope that someone can give me a tip or can help me.
  6. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V19.73

    Thank you 🙂
  7. T1909G

    SuperCard Bot V19.72

    Why you did that? Now the Bot really is unusuable. It was perfect how it was before.