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  1. Sir Onikom

    Clash of Champions

    running bot 24/7
  2. Sir Onikom

    Clash Of Champions

    how about bot is useing peeks?
  3. Sir Onikom

    rd/trd improvement needed in tag teams

    it does. i made it to the event card till 275/290 with the bot without any trouble. their decks seems just too weak for this event...
  4. Sir Onikom

    TRD won’t open

    confirm it. just giants ot special offer. maybe it will work, when GU ends in about 3 hours
  5. Sir Onikom

    Bots Getting Stuck On Gaints

    sometimes the bot stucks here (always 3th round):
  6. Sir Onikom


    for example: if you choose >6 then the bot will restart the game if you are just have 5 or less matching arrows. when you got 6 or more matching arrows, the bot will do this giants round till the end and get the points.
  7. Sir Onikom


    maybe sometimes, i'm now under the top 500 with the bot, so nothing to worry
  8. Sir Onikom


    >6 works perfectly for me! thx @admin for the improvment @ giants and coc!
  9. Sir Onikom

    Best Giant settings

    >6 works perfectly for me! thx @admin for the improvment @ giants and coc!
  10. Sir Onikom


    useing it now since a year or so 24/7... no bans
  11. Sir Onikom


    no problems with ads on my side. feel sorry for you
  12. Sir Onikom

    New Fusion Chamer

    the game sets automaticly your collected cards into the slots so the bot has just to check if it can press "activate"
  13. Sir Onikom

    RTG and RD without coins?

    should definitly work better than it now does ^^ edit: and it would be nice, if the bot is picking your best card always first and then the next lower card (if it's possible)