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  1. Sir Onikom

    New feature is coming

    "Draft Board Pattern" is coming to wwe supecard:
  2. Sir Onikom


  3. Sir Onikom

    Giants not working

    i have to correct myself: points will count when game crashes after the third attack
  4. Sir Onikom

    Giants not working

    it's the game, not the emulator... if it works again for you then you have just luck
  5. Sir Onikom

    Giants not working

    same here. after the third attack the game will crash. we have to wait for an update from catdaddy or else you will lose everytime your boosts and getting no points
  6. Sir Onikom

    Big problem

    hi freddy. it's a common problem. many have to deal with it but it should work now again.
  8. Sir Onikom

    WWE SuperCard bot iOS

    won't work on any mobile phone. the bot is just for an emulator on pc.
  9. Sir Onikom


    that's correct. trial is just wild, nothing more. if you want more you need to buy a key.
  10. Sir Onikom


  11. Sir Onikom


    did you switch from "user mode: trial" to "user mode: formal"? in trial you can just play wild games. in case that you bought a key you have to switch the mode
  12. Sir Onikom

    You can’t use more than 300 cards at once.

    maybe because i have just about 120 cards to train when i'm full
  13. Sir Onikom

    You can’t use more than 300 cards at once.

    hhmmmm... maybe you should train just to beast or monster
  14. Sir Onikom

    You can’t use more than 300 cards at once.

    tha the bot will train the coal and diamands