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  1. SethRollins


    the two setting to choose from are for superstar cards and enhancements. what ever you select will train those cards and lower into your best cards
  2. SethRollins

    RD Broken

    first one of the new tier so expected it to happen im sure admin will have a promt fix
  3. SethRollins

    RD Broken

    yep can confirm the problem
  4. SethRollins

    TRD not working

    You would think someone from admin would at least monitor for like the first hour of the event to see if there are problems. or even use a supercard account and run the event for half hour.
  5. SethRollins

    Bot Stucks in MITB

    Once you select a match up it works fine its just the starting of the bout where it gets stuck