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  1. SethRollins

    SuperCard Bot V20.03

    its alot of effort for not alot of gain. for training cards its fantastic just spam and not worry about the points
  2. SethRollins

    Royal Rumble Deck

    i put in 3 best cards for me its primal pros then a even mix of the 4 arrows using monster or beast cards and always get voer the 22500 pts for full rewards
  3. SethRollins

    Bot stuck training

    mine also gets stuck training cards @admin
  4. SethRollins


    you can get third party credits that are cheaper than in game credits and a ball park figure is $120 for 50k credits was cheaper last season but the loaders been having problems hence the price increase
  5. SethRollins


    mine still gets stuck after training the card it just hits the firtify button over and over, doesnt back out to continue its process. cess
  6. SethRollins

    RTG Problem

    i have had bottom screen just scrolling along and not picking wild, pvp, kotr.
  7. SethRollins

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    im using the latest version of nox
  8. SethRollins

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    mine dont train cards to be fair
  9. SethRollins

    Season 6

    There will defo be a delay in the working of the bot until the season has been released and admin can update everything. Also there will be teething issues with every event the first time the event is run as im sure supercard would have made tweeks to every event. I personally would plan for a 7-10 day delay with the working of the bot. gotta remember is only 1 person who does this and im pretty dure this is not his only job (i might be wrong)
  10. SethRollins

    lms stuck on pack opening

    yeah i got same problem @admin
  11. SethRollins

    MY SS19 TEAM

    whats the team name
  12. SethRollins


    attach a screenshot to help admin
  13. SethRollins

    Tier Pulls

    word on the street is that enhancements / supports have been counting as pulls since the update
  14. SethRollins

    SuperCard Bot V19.42

    so without the event running does the enhamcement limit get reached now because i know it used to get to 99 then you dont pull anymore than that
  15. SethRollins

    The bot needs to be tweaked due to the update.

    not admin's fault they updated the game. Thats my personal opinion.