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  1. hulk_hogan

    How to reduce losing rate using bot for 24/7 ?

    I sandbag I use 3 event cards and a monster single for males and an event female and a monster female. right / left / right / left right / left The boy usually picks from left to right.
  2. hulk_hogan

    Wild Ads?

    That is a different set of ads
  3. hulk_hogan

    Increasing the level of cards to train

    Would be helpful
  4. hulk_hogan

    Bot is stopping

    Same here using latest version of nox
  5. hulk_hogan

    multiple accounts?

    To confirm I can now install on 2 different computers using the same key and not lose 6 hours every time I run a different emulator?
  6. Main issue is that the bot or emulator fails and at least at home I can see it or look at it via anydesk
  7. hulk_hogan

    multiple accounts?

    This is why he docks 6 hours every time it detects a new emulator. That would give you about 30 minutes of use out of a 30 day license.
  8. hulk_hogan

    Giants question

    The bot sucks for Giants Unleashed. Best startegy is to play it yourself. I only use the bot while asleep. I set 100k as the lowest per bout score I will accept and just back put if I fall short
  9. hulk_hogan

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    help admin buy saying what emulator and version so he can test
  10. hulk_hogan

    SuperCard Bot V19.75

    Working fine for me. I do not expect RtG to work at all.
  11. hulk_hogan

    Season 6

    None last time, we lost about 4 days if I recall and every event has to be reprogrammed.
  12. hulk_hogan

    Pvp problem

    Yes it goes into PvP mode and gets stuck there. I get the game is stuck message will restart and it keeps looping.
  13. hulk_hogan

    Pvp problem

    Same problem here
  14. hulk_hogan

    TRTG Gallows Glitch???

    Wish I knew cheaters never get punished any way
  15. hulk_hogan

    Bot Training Away Cataclysm Cards

    I had an AJ Syles trained away. First time it has happened to me. Saw it pulled and be fed away