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  1. Demi Bank

    ML credits

    Why is it that only even that drains my coins without having "buy bouts" selected is lms? I lost all my credits (about1.3k) in lms and this happens every time Before and after
  2. Demi Bank

    LMS credirs

    Good thing I don't have my google play connected to my wallet right now It was tring to buy more again but since I already lost all mine it just gets stuck on buy more credits
  3. Demi Bank

    LMS credirs

    Yes and happened last lms as well whever it runs out of bouts on Lms it starts buying bouts even though buy bouts is disabled Lost about 500 credits last lms and 900 on this lms
  4. Demi Bank

    LMS credirs

    LMS keeps spending my credits even though it is disabled
  5. Demi Bank

    SuperCard Bot V20.09

  6. Demi Bank

    SuperCard Bot V20.08

    Still got that Ginats typo
  7. Demi Bank

    Giants not working

    I am getting the crash now but at least the bot is back to working but cashdaddy needs to fix the game
  8. Demi Bank

    Giants not working

    Just restarted the nox player and it is working now
  9. Demi Bank

    Giants not working

    Game gets stuck on gears page and even manually clicking it just sits there still
  10. Demi Bank

    SuperCard Bot V20.06

    Auto logout option "giants" still has a typo with it saying 'ginats"
  11. Demi Bank

    SuperCard Bot V20.04

    I know it's not a big problem but there is a typo with giant bouts refill it says ginats
  12. Demi Bank

    SuperCard Bot V20.03

    It probably takes some time to code stuff for the new mode without screwing everything else up by accident I am grateful to Admin for making this in the first place and always fixing it in a timely manner so just have patients for updates to roll out when they are available