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  1. crossfacechickentoe

    LMS Blocks and Reveals

    That would work wonders. This bot is great with everything minus LMS.
  2. crossfacechickentoe

    Last Man Standing question

    The bot works wonders for every event minus LMS. Does anyone know of a way to make the bot work in favor of getting in under the 500 range?
  3. crossfacechickentoe

    Bought Key, never got an email.

    Usually I get it sent to me immediately. It's been a good hour and nothing.
  4. crossfacechickentoe

    KOTR question/request

    Is there any way for the bot to autofill charge the KOTR cards? There are times I lose in the KOTR due to the bot taking long to charge up. Is there a way to do it, say, every 10 minutes? Thanks!
  5. crossfacechickentoe

    TRD won’t open

  6. crossfacechickentoe

    Same message for a few weeks now

    Use a new emulator. I had to switch back to Nox. The old emulator I was using did that
  7. crossfacechickentoe

    fix the ads

    He makes bots for other games. They're less of a headache.
  8. crossfacechickentoe

    fix the ads

    People bitching and demanding is why the price is so high for this bot compared to other bots.
  9. crossfacechickentoe

    COC issue

    Can we stop bitching about nonsense again? Right now it works. It's not perfect. You obviously have time to do it yourself since your on here complaining nonstop. Don't use the bot, get off the forum or just be fucking patient and hope he can get this to work right. Obviously coding isn't easy otherwise we would have done this ourselves and wouldn't be paying $30+ a month.
  10. crossfacechickentoe

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Thank you. Fuck. Entitled bitches in here. God damn
  11. crossfacechickentoe

    Clash of Champions

    Then don't re-up. It's a new event. You think he's going to get it done that quick? He gave an update. Tomorrow. Well, now later today.
  12. crossfacechickentoe

    Clash of Champions

    How do we know for sure he's using the bot, he's on the same team with admin? It's a complex thing to work out. Say he puts it out and it has problems. You'll bitch about that too. It'll be done when it's done. Lord
  13. crossfacechickentoe

    fix the ads

    Yeah. There are problems with it. Just turned ads off and all is good again.
  14. crossfacechickentoe


    PCC was my reasoning for getting the bot to begin with.
  15. crossfacechickentoe

    New filters screen when training cards

    Because I took the time to email him, he took the time to respond. 🙄