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  1. zuma

    need help

    2 days ago (jan 14th)
  2. zuma

    need help

    @admin sorry if i posted here but im having a problem now suddenly my mac and nox are having a compability issue so i uninstalled the app and then when i try to install the os wont accept the dmg image and keep on rejecting i tried to contact the nox but no answer i bought the new licence before the problem and now i cant use it so is it ok ask for a refund while im figuring out how to solve this TIA
  3. zuma


    Memu doesnt support mac
  4. zuma


    Hi admin since the nox acting weirdly since last week i installed bluestacks but when i tried to download the bot from this site of course it wont download so i dunno if im missed something or the bot not compatible to bluestacks btw im using an imac macos catalina
  5. zuma

    Mac users

    Took a gamble i upgrade/update my mac to catalina and its working
  6. zuma

    Not responding

    Found a solution guys im just uninstalled and install again and put the image setting and graphics to low now its working again
  7. zuma

    Not responding

    This started last night its shows almost every 2-5 mins of play its either i press ok or wait to restart now im behind on every mode
  8. zuma

    Mac users

    For those mac user like me i would like to ask if theres someone upgrade their os to catalina how does nox player works? TIA
  9. zuma

    SuperCard Bot V20.03

    thanks admin
  10. zuma

    SuperCard Bot V20.02

    And also option to buy reveals and block tia
  11. zuma

    smart select

    i think someone mentioned this before dear admin, i hope theres a way that our bot will automatically select arrow (left,right.up,down) thatll be a big help during lms and rtg thanks n advance
  12. zuma

    Potential problem

    For mac user only last year when mac os mojave came out i didnt use the bot for almost 4 months now in a few weeks new mac os is going to release i believe its catalina mac users will having a problem again just saying
  13. zuma

    Key expired issue.

    How can i get my refund? i bought it an hour ago
  14. zuma

    Key expired issue.

    I bought a new key today but its says its already expired i even remove the dashes
  15. zuma

    SuperCard Bot V19.66

    Thanks can you enable also the 3 and 4 gear