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  1. zuma


    almost everyone knew that but sometimes its so annoying esp if the ads has "resume video" and its covers the other "x" buttons coz of its position
  2. zuma


    the problem is it covers the "x" button on ads,chat window etc
  3. zuma


    dear @admin is theres a chance to move the wwe icon from the top right to lets say top left or in the middle or bottom right side? TIA
  4. zuma

    Trtg not picking opponent

    Same. with redfinger
  5. zuma

    SuperCard Bot V20.30

    Thanks admin
  6. zuma

    Mac Users?

    for the $80 a year i think thats reasonable price i can play thru my imac,ipad and iphone anytime and anywhere
  7. zuma

    bot stuck on ads still

    same problem i need to move the wwe/bot icon evrytime to press the x
  8. zuma

    multi plan

    hello @admin i know it was discussed before but is there a possible in the future that we can buy a license key in a form of 60,90 or 120 day key/plan? or buying a multiple keys that be added to existing days to the current keys/days the reason is i want to avoid the expiration of my bot key while im busy at work or activities TIA
  9. zuma

    How long does the Bot run for you?

    As long you keep it yourself and not telling to anyone That youre using bot outside this forum or bot36 site youll be safe
  10. zuma

    issues with bot continuosly running

    As @admin said get rid the nox and use redfinger its working perfectly on my imac ipad and iphone and not worrying my game froze during my sleep
  11. zuma

    SuperCard Bot V20.18

    Thanks @admin
  12. zuma

    How to download this on an iphone

    It works perfectly on my iphone 11 pro max
  13. Question is it run on a multiple devices for a subscription? i accidentally bought a subscription on my ipad tia
  14. zuma

    need help

    2 days ago (jan 14th)
  15. zuma

    need help

    @admin sorry if i posted here but im having a problem now suddenly my mac and nox are having a compability issue so i uninstalled the app and then when i try to install the os wont accept the dmg image and keep on rejecting i tried to contact the nox but no answer i bought the new licence before the problem and now i cant use it so is it ok ask for a refund while im figuring out how to solve this TIA