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  1. Bot stops after 3-5 Minutes, i.m Formal User. I start new an he stops again
  2. stprocks

    New Update Killed the Bot

    Bot stucks on Train Cards
  3. stprocks

    new update ver. 19.78

    same here, install 19.77 and net Error
  4. stprocks

    Bug in latest update

    me too, i´m Formal User, but Bot stopps after 3-5 Minutes
  5. stprocks

    new update ver. 19.78

    me too, Bot stopps
  6. stprocks

    MY SS19 TEAM

    Whats the Team Name?
  7. stprocks

    SuperCard Bot V19.41

    Failed Capcha on Memu. A Message with Sleep... why not a New Start??
  8. stprocks

    SuperCard Bot V19.39

    Captcha dont work. Memu Emulator
  9. stprocks

    Bot is stuck in Catalog

    Yes i enable run forever. He is stuck in Catalog
  10. stprocks

    Bot is stuck in Catalog

    My Game Mode is Wild and PVP. If he changes the mode he sometimes goes to the catalog If he trains cards, he sometimes goes into the catalog And when he is in the catalog nothing happens anymore, he is stuck
  11. stprocks

    Bot is stuck in Catalog

    Admin can you help me. My Bot ist go to the Catalog again and again and again. 6 Hours he was in the Catalog and he does nothing. Why does not he restart????
  12. stprocks

    Bot is stuck in Catalog

    Hello, my Bot is going after a few Minutes to the Catalog and then he does nothing. No new Start